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What is Upwork? And How Can I Use It To Make Money Online Today?

With my ebook on building a freelance writing business through Upwork gearing up to be released, I figured now would be a great time for us to get clear on one very simple question that I get asked time and time again: what is Upwork? If you have any interest at all in freelance writing, building ... READ the POST

6 Common AF Misconceptions Most People Have About Freelance Writing

If you guys have been hanging around with me on Instagram and Twitter, then you probably know that things have changed a bit for me with the blog. In 2018, I’m much more focused on helping more women believe in their potential to build a freedom based business, and for me, that means sharing all my ... READ the POST

How To Create A Blog That Actually Matters (for both you AND your audience)

I’m not even sure where I read this, but while going down a rabbit hole of mass blog consumption today, I came across this line: ...a blog that matters. Huh, a blog that matters. I paused. Well, I want to create a blog that matters, was my first thought. (and yes, it sounded just as ... READ the POST

How To Make Money Blogging: A New Approach

When it comes to making money blogging, I completely understand how many of you are frustrated by not making any income from your blog. Here’s the thing, though: while perhaps your blog isn’t making you an income, you can start making money blogging relatively easily.   Confused? Did I ... READ the POST

How Freelance Writing Allows Me To Travel and Work

Did ‘ya guys know, for the the month of August, I’m going to be living and working in a totally unfamiliar city? Montreal, to be exact. Yes, I’m taking full advantage of my location independence as a freelance writer to experience something like never before. I’ll be living in an AirBnb with my ... READ the POST