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How To Start A Blog Without A Niche

If you want to blog without a niche, I'm a firm believer that it is possible. After a strong response on my 7 Successful Bloggers Who Blog Without a Niche article, I realized there were a lot of people who wanted to blog without a niche, but weren't really sure how. And guess what? For more ... READ the POST

How I Reached 1.2 Million Pinterest Viewers In 3 Months

For me, Pinterest has always been a tough nut to crack. Sure, I would follow all the typical Pinterest recommendations... Utilize Tailwind. Pin high quality, vertical pins. Join every group board that you can. Write a keyword rich Pinterest bio. Use those keywords in your board ... READ the POST

5 Burning Questions To Ask Yourself To Help Identify Your Blog’s Focus

Have you ever had a blog identity crisis? I know I have. On multiple occasions. I’ve gone from a lifestyle blog, to a blog about blogging, back to a lifestyle blog, and now to a blog with a mission to inspire more women to realize their potential to work online. And yes, all these changes have ... READ the POST

How To Create A Blog That Actually Matters (for both you AND your audience)

I’m not even sure where I read this, but while going down a rabbit hole of mass blog consumption today, I came across this line: ...a blog that matters. Huh, a blog that matters. I paused. Well, I want to create a blog that matters, was my first thought. (and yes, it sounded just as ... READ the POST