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About Hustle and Hearts

about hustle and hearts

Well hey there, girl. Welcome to Hustle and Hearts. So happy you’ve stumbled across this little corner of the internet.

If you’ve clicked around, you might be wondering what this blog is all about.

Glad you asked!

In a nutshell, Hustle and Hearts is a positive and encouraging space for women looking to start freedom based businesses without the overwhelm.

Because seriously, how many times have you started a project and stopped because it got too overwhelming? Or you didn’t know where to turn when that self doubt started creeping in?

*raises hand*

Yup, we’ve all been there.

I want to help by providing you with simplified business strategies, so you can start building the business of your dreams. Because yes, making money online, working for yourself, and doing it all on your own terms is completely possible.

How do I know this?

Because I’m doing it! Everyday. As a freelance writer.

This blog isn’t about me, though. It’s about sharing my story with you to help you realize making money online doesn’t have to be challenging! (been there, done that)


If you’re a blogger, shop owner, writer, graphic designer, influencer, or any sort of digital entrepreneur who is ready to dig deep and make her big dreams come true, you have absolutely found yourself in the right place.


If all that sounds good to you, you might be wondering about the blogger behind the blog, so let me introduce myself.


Hey, I’m Andrea! 🙂

I’m a dream chasing, 26 year old freelance writer from Canada. I’ve been working online, full-time for myself for a little over a year now, and I can without a doubt say that the decision to build a freelance writing ‘biz was the best decision I ever made.

But guess what?

About 6 months in, I started to get lonely. I spent most days on my own, working away at my desk, and I started to crave community.

So, I created Hustle and Hearts.

At the time I really had no idea what to expect. I had blogged previously, but I really didn’t even know what topics I wanted to write about. As a freelance writer, I write predominantly about fashion and beauty, so I figured my blog should be about those things too.

And yet, when I wrote on those topics, I didn’t feel that spark I was seeking.

It just felt like… well, content. Not impactful or meaningful content that was really resonating with people. You can read more about how I decided to switch directions for my blog here, but long story short: I knew I had something in me that could truly change people’s lives for the better, so now I help women build their own freedom based businesses. Whether that’s through tips on how to build a freelance writing career through Upwork, copywriting strategy to improve your current business, or just general simplified business tips to help you beat the overwhelm, my ultimate goal is to help more of you realize how possible making money online really is! 🙂

But that’s enough about business, right?

What about me as a person? Here are 10 random little facts about me, so we can get to know each other:

1)  Fashion and beauty are my biggest passions. I don’t really care about luxury fashion, but I could spend all day playing with good skincare products, or twirling around in a pretty floral dress. Florals are my jam!

2)  That being said, I’m your quintessential girly girl

3) Vanilla cupcakes and pizza are probably my fav foods #basic

4) Let’s add to my basic status: Titanic is my all time fav movie (but I also love the Rocky series, so let’s just let that weird contradiction settle in…)

5) I’m currently drinking a glass of red wine, listening to Taylor Swift, while burning a vanilla scented candle (just in case you were curious)

6) I write on a daily basis. Whether it’s for a client, in my journal, or just scribbling random goals and dreams, writing is what I do.

7) I’m obsessed with my dogs. No, but really, I think I talk to them more than any other human (they make regular appearances over on Instagram)

8) I was that kid on the playground who use to read books at recess. I actually use to walk to school reading a book. Yup, total nerd alert.

9) I’m always honest. Maybe sometimes to a fault

10) I love learning. I love improving. And I’m absolutely, totally obsessed with all things blogging and marketing related. 

So now I want to hear from you!

I created Hustle and Hearts so we could connect, after all. Let me know what your big business goals are, and how you plan to get there. Click here to send me a quick message. Seriously, ladies, connecting with your blogging community is the best thing you can do for your business, so don’t be afraid to reach out. You’ll make my day!

But I get it, reaching out to someone on email might be a big leap. Baby steps, right?

So let’s connect on social media!

Instagram: @hustleandhearts 

Twitter: @hustlenhearts 

Pinterest: Hustle and Hearts 

Facebook: Hustle and Hearts

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