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My Super Honest Thoughts About Women In Business

Building an empire, girlboss, authentic, alignment, speaking your truth, goal digger... In my time as a blogger, I have definitely used these words/phrases more times than I care to count, but the longer I find myself in this digital space, the more tired I get of the same terms/ideas/messaging ... READ the POST

10 Ways To Use Your Bullet Journal For Personal Growth

I started bullet journaling at the beginning of this year, and honestly, since I've started, I don't think I'll ever go back to a regular planner. Not only has my bullet journal contributed majorly to my productivity/organization, it's also been integral to my personal growth for the year. Now, ... READ the POST

How To Land Your First Client As A New Freelance Writer

If you're new to freelance writing, and you're struggling with how to get clients as a freelance writer, this is the post for you. My approach is not the typical freelancing advice, but it WILL help you find paid online writing jobs. You're a new freelance writer, hoping to start your own freelance ... READ the POST

Do Freelance Writers Need A Website?

If you read my article on common freelance writing misconceptions, you likely already know the answer to this question, so I’ll get straight to the answer. No, freelance writers do not need a freelance writing website in order to be successful. Now, having said that, does that mean that ... READ the POST