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Do Freelance Writers Need A Website?

If you read my article on common freelance writing misconceptions, you likely already know the answer to this question, so I’ll get straight to the answer. No, freelance writers do not need a freelance writing website in order to be successful. Now, having said that, does that mean that ... READ the POST

5 Questions To Ask Before Signing A Freelance Writing Contract

So you’ve decided to start using Upwork to make money as a freelance writer? That’s great! As somebody who has been doing this professionally for two years now, I know the process can work. (NOTE: even if you’re not using Upwork in order to obtain your freelance writing jobs, this advice still ... READ the POST

Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners: Why You Should Try Upwork

If there’s one thing I know people do, it’s complicate freelance writing. I know because there was once a time when I was a totally inexperienced when it came to finding any sort of freelance writing jobs for beginners. Seriously guys, when I started, I had no idea what I was doing. And ... READ the POST

What is Upwork? And How Can I Use It To Make Money Online Today?

With my ebook on building a freelance writing business through Upwork gearing up to be released, I figured now would be a great time for us to get clear on one very simple question that I get asked time and time again: what is Upwork? If you have any interest at all in freelance writing, building ... READ the POST