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12 Reasons You Need To Start A Bullet Journal ASAP

I started my bullet journal in February of 2019, and going into the new year, there's no way I would ever switch back to any other planner. My bullet journal is, by far, the best planning method that I've ever come across! If you've ever thought about starting your own bullet journal, this post will ... READ the POST

10 Ways To Use Your Bullet Journal For Personal Growth

I started bullet journaling at the beginning of this year, and honestly, since I've started, I don't think I'll ever go back to a regular planner. Not only has my bullet journal contributed majorly to my productivity/organization, it's also been integral to my personal growth for the year. Now, ... READ the POST

How To Boost Creativity and Get Inspired

We’ve all been there: we come up with an idea that we think is going to rock the world, we put our heart and soul into it, only to discover that, two weeks later, our passion for the project has completely depleted. Creative tank empty. For me, it seems like every other week I go through ... READ the POST