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Plan With Me: How I Schedule My Work Day

I’m a little obsessed with my planners and notebooks. And by little obsessed, I really mean if I’m working, you can pretty much guarantee that my planner and notebooks are right there beside me. I’m pretty predictable like that. Seriously though, I have to start every day with a plan; otherwise, my ... READ the POST

Try These Tips For a Happy and Healthy Fall Season

Tbh I had something totally different planned for today’s post, but one goal I have with my blog is to focus less on constantly talking about business, and instead focus a little more on sprinkling in a dose of lifestyle inspiration. ‘Cause seriously, I think this is such a neglected part of online ... READ the POST

5 Morning Routine Changes To Boost Productivity

If there’s one thing you should know about me it is that I am not a morning person. Like, at all. What can I say, I just love, love, love my sleep. Warm, cozy bed over everything else. Who’s with me? Despite my hatred of mornings, I always know that my productivity goes way up when I drag myself ... READ the POST