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How To Make Money Blogging: A New Approach

When it comes to making money blogging, I completely understand how many of you are frustrated by not making any income from your blog.

Here’s the thing, though: while perhaps your blog isn’t making you an income, you can start making money blogging relatively easily. 


Did I not just totally repeat myself?

Don’t worry, I’ll clarify, but basically if you’re ready to start making money blogging in a new way that doesn’t make you want to rip your hair out, I’ve got your back. 

Oh, and if this is a topic that interests you, I have something to offer at the end of this post that will explain how I make my full-time income online, working for myself, so stick around for that 🙂

The Truth About Making Money Blogging

Okay, so let’s back it up…

There are so, so, so, SO many blog posts out there detailing how to make money blogging. But here’s the deal: most (if not all) all those posts are going to tell you the same things.

They’re going to tell you to be authentic, to be patient, and to be consistent. They’re going to tell you to create share-worthy content, to work your booty off, and to trust in the process. You’ll be told to incorporate affiliate links, ads, sponsored content, or even sell your own products. And yes, while this is all fine and dandy, for most of us, this takes some serious time and some serious effort.

And, while I’m sure you’re capable of implementing all that with time, I also know you probably want to make money now

So today I wanted to tell you about how I make money blogging.

Today I wanted to talk to you about freelance writing.

I know that might not be what you were expecting me to say, but stick with here, because if you’re blogger who wants to make money from home, design your own schedule, and launch the blog of your dreams, I think this new method could help you out with your goals. 

Let’s discuss further why I think blogging and freelance writing is so connected, and how you can profit off the relationship.  

Freelance Writing and Making Money Blogging: How Do They Relate?

So first, I know the term freelance writing can seem overwhelming and kind of scary, so if it helps, think of what I’m proposing here as freelance blogging. Basically getting to write the same style of articles you’re already writing for your own blog, but doing it for someone else and actually getting paid for your work, up-front.

To illustrate this, let me briefly explain how I’ve made this process work for myself…

So for those of you who don’t know, freelance writing is how I make my full time income. I work entirely for myself, making money online, on my own terms. This allows me the freedom to work on my blog, on the side, with the intention that one day I can hopefully take my blog full-time. 

Without freelance writing, I know I would never be able to work on my blog as much as I do. And, without freelance writing, I know I likely wouldn’t be able to make my full-time living working from home.


While I know what I’m proposing here might not be money directly from your blog, it is money that you’re making independently with all the skills you’ve acquired as a blogger.

It’s time to diversify your income streams, ladies. It’s time for you to do something different. It’s time that you start to make money blogging in a new way that’s profitable from Day One. 

Here are the five biggest reasons why I think all bloggers have the potential to make money blogging through freelance writing:

1) You already have the skills required for freelance writing

This is absolutely the biggest reason.

As bloggers, there are many of you who undervalue your skills. You’ve probably become so entranced by the blogging world, you’ve totally forgotten what it felt like not to be familiar with it.

But guess what?

There are plenty of brands, businesses, and shops that have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to writing content.

That’s where you come in.

If you could start writing regular articles for a client and get paid to do it, wouldn’t you? I bet you would. And I bet a client would hire you too.


Because you have the skills: You understand how to write content, you know SEO, you understand branding, you know how to research, and you have a firm grasp on social media. Most importantly, you know what readers want. Plain and simple: you’ve written content for an online audience before.

That’s a skill. It’s a skill that not everyone has. And it’s a skill that brands are looking for.

Point. Blank. Period.

2) There’s demand for content creators

In that same vein, there is absolutely, undeniably a demand for content creators. And really, is this even too surprising?

Think about every business out there that is looking to get online. Do you think they’re putting all that content up by themselves? Let me let you in on a little secret: they’re not.

Perhaps the big brands and the major businesses have entire content teams running their content marketing strategy, but trust me, the small brands don’t. People opening Etsy shops, individuals launching their first business, even people who are trying to grow blogs but don’t have time to write (yes, this happens), they need creatives, like you, to help them create content.  

They need people who know what they’re doing, and who understand the online world. And that, my friends, is where you come in and fulfill that demand. And get paid to do so.


3) Freelance writing is flexible

So maybe you’re hearing me say all this, and you’re having a bit of a panic attack. Maybe you’re thinking you already have so much on your plate, how are you going to add yet another thing?

Well first and foremost, depending on the job, freelance writing is extremely flexible. I’ve done some jobs where the client only needed one article and then the contract was over. If you have even just an hour or two to spare each week, you can write an article.

And hey, if it means taking an hour or two away from your blog, so you can make money blogging, why not? You might be hesitant to take any time away from your blog, but once you start earning money independently, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities to build your own business and work online. Not to mention the confidence boost you’re going to get from it.

As somebody who makes a full-time income online, there’s something extremely empowering about earning your own money, on your own terms. Once you get a taste of that, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

4) Freelance writing has no limit

With freelance writing there is no limit. Work however many hours you can to start building your portfolio, gaining experience, and increasing your rate.

If you want to stop freelancing for a month, stop for a month. If you want to simply make some side income, take on a couple articles every month. And hey, maybe you’ll even find you love it. Maybe you’ll find something that you can actually make a living from.

I did. And I know you can too.

How much effort you put into freelance writing is entirely within your control.

5) Freelance writing can improve your own blog

There’s a chance you’ve been reading this post, and the whole time you’re thinking: I can’t do this. There’s no way I can take time away from my blog to work on someone else’s.

I get it, you’re dedicated to your blog, but with new approach to make money blogging, I truly believe you’ll actually be improving your own blog in the process. Largely because, as any writer knows, the more you write, the better you get.

Plain and simple.

I’ve always been a decent writer, but I will tell you in the past year of writing professionally, my writing has improved by leaps and bounds. I can write blog posts much faster now, and my blog content is just better than it would be if I had never taken on freelance writing. I’m pretty certain of that.

Also, don’t forget, with freelance writing you’re going to be flexing your creative muscles in a new way, collaborating with new people to help them find their brand’s voice. You’re going to be getting out of your blogging bubble and stepping outside of that comfort zone. I’m a strong believer that when you try new things, positive consequences usually follow.

Freelance writing can be that for you.

And that’s it: those are five reasons that I think bloggers should try making some income from freelance writing.

Now of course I’m not just going to leave you there. I have a couple other articles on my blog that talk about my freelance writing journey, so if you’re interested, feel free to check those out.


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But for those of who want more and are really intrigued by the idea of freelance writing, I wanted to offer you something more comprehensive, so…I wrote an ebook!

Yes, I released my first ebook, and I’m pumped about it. In it, I detail my exact process of how I started my career as a freelance writer.

I share how I find jobs, how I write pitches, how I work with clients, how I price myself, and basically just anything you’d want to know about starting to make money online from writing, I tell you.

Real talk for a sec here, though.

I totally get that it’s frustrating to always have someone trying to sell you something online. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone talk about a new ebook that would guarantee me “blogging income.” I really don’t want to be just another one of those people, but let’s be real here…

This is the thing that I know how to do, that I do on a daily basis, and that I’ve proven to myself can work. Now I wanted to bring it to you guys (if you’re interested, of course). You can absolutely do this for yourself without a course or ebook (I did), but I wrote this book for those of you who want to get started ASAP and skip the overwhelm of figuring it out for yourself. 

If this sounds like your cup of tea, give the ebook a peek. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

how to become a freelance writer


  1. You have definitely peaked my interest! Even though I don’t know how much time I can take away from my blog (I can barely keep up with what I want to do every week) I’ll definitely think about it and read your other posts to see how feasible this could be.

    Does it take a lot of time to ‘start-up’ (i.e. finding clients etc.)?

    • The amount of time you put into it is totally dependent on you. Obviously the more time you put in, the bigger your portfolio becomes, the more clients you can get. Finding your first couple jobs will be the most time consuming, but once you have some testimonials, getting jobs becomes much easier! 🙂

  2. Yes, love this!! A lot of my income comes from freelance writing – it has been the route that has allowed me to work from home right out of school and I couldn’t be more grateful! So excited for you launching your eBook! I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!!


    • Thanks girl! It’s definitely taking me longer than expected, but I’ve set a date for it and hopefully I can make it happen. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  3. I’m also a part-time freelance copywriter and I totally agree with you. Although, I can’t say that as a freelancer you get to write whatever you want. You have to write what your client needs and sometimes it might not be in your area of expertise. The good thing in all this is that you get to do some research and learn new things.

    • Hey Cristina! Nice to meet a fellow freelance writer :). You’re absolutely right, you definitely can’t write whatever you want, but I definitely think you can establish yourself as an expert in a certain field that you’re passionate about, and then write about that topic daly. For me, that means I get to write daily about fashion and beauty, which I like to think is a pretty sweet deal. Good luck with your writing 🙂

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