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How Confident Girl Bosses Think About Style

Full disclosure: while I definitely think I’ve been able to improve my confidence when it comes to my style, by no means am I an expert on the subject. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of “I have nothing to wear” meltdowns. Slowly but surely, though, I’ve started to narrow down my personal style.

Now, you may be wondering, why does this actually matter? Why is Andrea telling us this? Well, my friend, I am telling you this because I am someone who fully believes in the power of good personal style. Yup, personal style is most definitely not just some frivolous worry. I wholeheartedly believe that how you present yourself outwardly can greatly impact how you act, how you feel, and how you tackle your day. When you think about it like that, really, your style is actually kind of a big deal. This is why today I wanted to have a quick discussion with you about some ways you can easily change your mindset when it comes to style. Trust me, just like in blogging, most of the time your own insecurities are totally in your head, so let’s figure out how we can tackle those fashion insecurities together, okay? Cool, let’s dive in.

Five Ways All Girl Bosses Think About Style

1) They find what speaks to them

Yes, this might seem like the most obvious piece of advice ever. ‘Cause like, yeah, no duh, Andrea. Hear me out on this, though, okay? Because I pretty much guarantee you’ve been here before.

Have you ever gone through a fashion phase? Maybe you went through a phase where you were obsessed with wearing pink? Maybe you went through a phase where you only wore really boho style pieces? Yup, we’ve all had our fashion phases, and of course this is totally okay, but think about it…How often were these fashion phases dictated by the people you spent the most time with? Be honest. Was your obsession with all things minimalistic because you genuinely enjoyed that style, or did you like that style on a friend so you started embracing it as well? You may not have realized you were doing it at the time, but in hindsight, do you think this could be you? Recognize it now, and you’ll be much more prepared to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

These days I try my best to stick with the outfits I know I like best. If that means I very often resort to high waisted denim and black tops, then that is what I’ll wear. This is honestly a fashion combo I can almost guarantee I’ll feel good in, so why not embrace it? Shouldn’t fashion be about rocking what actually, truly speaks to us? Rather than simply copying the style of someone else? I, for one, definitely think so!

confident style

2) They embrace their changes

Having said all that, it’s also extremely important to recognize that everyone goes through fashion phases. As you get older, you’ll probably narrow your style down more, and it will probably change less regularly, but I guarantee it will still change. Don’t be afraid to embrace that. Just because you said you hated floral prints a year ago, doesn’t mean you can’t now embrace them. Seriously, there are no rules when it comes to fashion, which leads into the next point…

3) They don’t follow rules

This is something that I still struggle with, since there are definitely some fashion rules that seem ingrained in my head, but oh my goodness, when I actually think about it, who really cares? And who even made these “rules” up? Exactly. Nobody! Instead of worrying about silly“rules”, it’s much more important to pick clothing you feel confident and comfortable in. If you don’t have those two things, then really, you’re losing already. When you start embracing trends and styles that you genuinely like, instead of trying to follow obscure rules, you’ll feel much better yourself, your outfit, and you’ll probably find your general outlook on life improves as well. There’s that “outwards appearance affecting how you feel internally” idea again 😉

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4) They stop worrying about other people

Again, this is another one I really struggle with, but honestly, most of the time people don’t even notice what you’re wearing, and if they do, they might have one thought about it and then they’ve moved on. In my experience, I so often build up in my head how people are going to react to the things I wear, but slowly and surely I’m coming to realize how rarely this happens. And really, how little people actually care in the grand scheme of things. Trust me, everyone is so worried about their own outfits to actually care about yours, so please, don’t dress for others. Dress for you. You’ll feel like a much better version of yourself when you do.

confident style

5) They shop with a purpose

Lately something about having a smaller wardrobe really appeals to me. I never thought I’d see the day when that would happen, but I’m starting to see the perks. I feel like if I was more intentional with my shopping, and I only bought the pieces I was absolutely obsessed with, it would make getting dressed in the morning a whole lot less frustrating. Imagine you just loved everything in your wardrobe, and you knew everything was going to look great on? How amazing would that be? Imagine you intentionally shopped and curated your wardrobe to be a treasure trove of fashion you were obsessed with? Yup, it would be a game changer #goals. 

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I definitely have a good chunk of clothing I am not fully ready to say goodbye to, but I also know I’m not totally sold on these items. What I’ve done is separate out the pieces I’m not so sure about. I’m fortunate enough to have two closets in my room, so I keep those “not sure” clothing items in a separate closet. I know that if I don’t go into that closet to retrieve an item all year, then yes, it’s probably time to say goodbye to the items that remain in the secondary closet. I’ve also heard of people flipping their hangers so they’re all facing one direction, and then only flipping them back once you’ve worn the item on that hanger. For all the hangers that have not been flipped back, you’ll know it might be time to consider saying goodbye to those clothing items.

So ladies, what do you think? Does any of that feel relatable? Maybe I’m totally off on a cloud by myself here, but I’ve really found trying to make these quick mindset changes with regards to fashion have greatly helped and changed the way I get dressed in the morning. Like I said earlier, I definitely can’t claim to have it all figured out, but at 26, I finally feel like I somewhat have a handle on my own personal style. And, well, for me, this definitely feels like a big win.

Let me know in the comments below: do you feel confident with your sense of style? What are some things you’ve done to increase your confidence when it comes to rocking fashion? I would love, love, loveeeee to hear from you!


  1. I love this! I’m a strong believer that fashion and style is VERY personal and that you should go with what you’re comfortable with but also what makes you feel confident and pretty!! There are some pieces and styles that I love on others but NOT on me…while some styles I feel like I can rock!

    I think it’s so important to just focus on how something makes you feel and ignoring what other’s say or expect. No white after labour day?! Who cares?!

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