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26 Easy Ways To Look More Put Together and Fashionable

If you’re in a fashion rut, or you’re simply looking for some easy ways to help you feel more put together, you’ve got to try these style tips.

Lately, fashion has been on my mind. Largely because, tbh, I’m just NOT feeling very fashionable. It feels like I’m either wearing the same dresses from high school, or I’m rocking something that shrunk in the dryer. Not cute.

And honestly, I think we all go through these phases, where we’re just feeling kinda blah, and our wardrobes seem lacking.

Been there?

If so, today, in order to help you and inspire myself, I wanted to chat about 26 easy ways you can look more put together and fashionable, without having to spend a ton of money.

‘Cause seriously, as much as I would love to go out and buy myself a whole new wardrobe full of all the things from Anthropologie, I most definitely don’t have the bank account to support that little big dream.

And so, with all that in mind, let’s chat about style and get inspired together, shall we?

Here are 26 ways you can easily feel more put together and fashionable:

Please note: I have included a couple affiliate links in this post, meaning I make a small commission if you choose to purchase through one of my links; however, I only recommend products I truly believe in.  

1) Embrace accessories

statment accessories

If there’s one thing that always manages to help me feel just a bit more put together, even on my most blah days, it’s accessories.

In particular, a good statement earring can really ramp up a look, and give you that extra little sparkle. In addition, layering necklaces are a great way to make a more subtle statement.

Inspiration via: Cupcakes and Cashmere | LulusM Loves M

2) Knot your T-shirt

how to knot your tshirt

This is one of my favorite ways to feel a bit more together.

Simply tie a knot in your t-shirt.

Whether it be with a chic patterned midi skirt, or just your basic denim, this instantly gives an outfit a more effortless and cool feel than a simple tee.

Inspiration via: Merrick’s Art | Hello Fashion Blog

This video will show you 10 ways you can knot your t-shirt to get various looks:

3) Try breezy silhouettes

I know whenever I’m in a fashion rut, breezy silhouettes are my best friend.

Long maxi dresses, flowing skirts that pull away from the body, boxy graphic tees, cool palazzo pants…. Whatever it is, I find dressing in breezy silhouettes are my go-to, because they just generally make me feel more comfortable.

When I’m wearing anything too tight, I’ll end up pulling at the fabric and just generally feeling like I’m suffocating.

A breezy silhouette is airy, comfortable, and makes me feel at ease, which helps with making me feel more put together.

4) Try a monochrome outfit

monochrome outfit

For an instant boost of chicness, a monochrome outfit always does the trick, especially when done in cool black or sophisticated white.

Add a pop of color through your accessories, if the monochrome is too much, and you’re out the door in minutes.

Inspiration via: Fashion Jackson | Brighton The Day

5) Make a Pinterest board

Whenever I’m feeling like I have no style or I don’t know what my style is, I take the time to make a Pinterest board.

I look for styles that jump out at me, and I intentionally try to imagine myself wearing certain looks.

If you take the time to do this, you’ll recognize patterns, you’ll identify your style, and you’ll more easily be able to put together outfits that make you feel good.

Feel good, look good. When you dress with confidence, you look good. Plain and simple.

(Check out this article for more on dressing with confidence)

6) Try new denim styles

try new denim styles

When you’re in a fashion rut, one of the easiest ways to give yourself some fashion inspiration is to try a new denim style.

You don’t have to go wild here, but adding a new wash to your collection, or trying out new trends, like mom jeans, can really help give a fresh spin to an old look.

(Check out this article to learn all about how to style mom jeans)

Inspiration via: Badlands Journal | Carrie Bradshaw Lied | Kendi Everyday

7) Wear your shades

Sunny days are my favorite not only because I love the sun, but also because I always find when I can wear my sunglasses I instantly look more put together.

When you have the option to wear your sunglasses, do it.

8) Add lipstick // switch up your makeup // do your hair differently

hair accessories trend

Whenever I feel like I’m lacking in the style department, I try not to focus on my clothing, and instead I put some attention into my beauty routine.

Hair and makeup can really make your outfit feel different, especially if you switch up your regular beauty routine.

Keep in mind, though, you don’t have to step too far outside your comfort zone, since this can lead to feeling even more uncomfortable in your look, but simply trying out my 5 minute natural makeup tutorial , or experimenting with the super trendy hair accessories trend can really make a difference in how put together you feel.

9) DON’T wear anything that doesn’t fit, or has holes in it

This seems obvious, but I would bet a lot of money that almost every lady who is reading this has found herself in this situation.

If it’s something that you can have to constantly keep adjusting, or it’s damaged, just don’t wear it. Plain and simple.

10) Keep it simple

simple style

When you’re fumbling in your wardrobe looking for something to wear and you want to look put together, keep it simple.

This is especially true when you’re having one of those “I have nothing to wear days!”

Trust me, a denim skirt and a white tee will never fail you when trying to look put together, but if you start trying to create elaborate looks when you’re stressed and not feeling put together in the first place, you’ll probably just dig yourself into a deeper hole.

Plus, simple always looks chic (see above).

Inspiration via: The Golden Girl

11) Be picky when shopping

This is something that has taken me a while to learn, but if you’re trying to look more together and fashionable, it’s important to start trying to get more picky with what you buy.

If you don’t absolutely love something when you try it on, don’t keep it.

Imagine if you opened up your closet everyday and you knew you absolutely LOVED every single piece in your closet. If you start getting more picky with what you add, this is totally possible! (and really helpful for feeling more put together and confident in your style)

12) Try the Half-Tuck

half tuck

You’ve seen all your favorite fashion bloggers do this, and there’s a reason for it.

Doing the half tuck helps define your waistline, while still keeping your look effortless and intentionally “undone.”

Inspiration via: Sincerely Jules | Love Oila

13) Use the dryer trick + Pick up a link roller

There’s nothing that will make your outfit look less put together than lint, pet hair, and wrinkles.

Pick up a lint roller to keep your clothing looking fresh, and when short on time, use the dryer trick to get your clothing looking its best.

Simply throw the wrinkled piece into the drawer for 5 or so minutes, and the wrinkles should be gone.

14) Try the basic + 2 statement pieces trick

This little formula tends to work well when you just can’t seem to put an outfit together.

Pick something really basic in your wardrobe that fits well and is comfortable.

Perhaps it’s a black dress, or maybe it’s a white blouse with denim.

Whatever it is, keep it basic, and then to add some style, select two statement accessories.

Maybe it’s a pair of earrings, as mentioned above, or maybe you decide to embrace the hair accessories trend.

Whatever it is, creating a base and then adding accessories usually does the trick when you feel like you have nothing to wear.

15) Embrace layering

how to layer

To feel more fashionable, layering is never a bad idea.

Throw on a denim jacket, don’t be afraid of a luxurious silk scarf, and, of course, when in doubt, add a belt to your look to give it that extra shot of style.

Inspiration via: Louise Roe

16) Switch up your shoes

I think we all have a pair of shoes that are our go-to shoes. I know I do.

But, when I’m in a fashion rut, and I want to feel more together, I always find switching up my shoes is helpful.

For example, last weekend I wore a denim skirt and a white t-shirt.

I wasn’t feeling any of my outfits, so I followed my own advice and kept my outfit simple.

However, to give the look an extra hint of style, I wore different sandals than my usual pair.

This made my basic outfit feel more together and interesting.

17) Organize your closet // Section off your closet

organize your closet

If you’re feeling like your wardrobe is lacking, I highly recommend taking the time to organize your closet.

In particular, do these 4 things to help organize your closet:

1. Donate any clothing that you don’t love/doesn’t fit (these pieces aren’t doing anything for you, and seeing them everyday is probably subconsciously making you dislike your wardrobe).

2.Section off your closet into categories. So, for example, have a section of clothing that’s more of your everyday clothing, your loungewear, your workwear., etc. Or even section off by season. Whatever way makes sense for you, if you can look into your closet and know where everything is, it makes it a lot easier to get dressed and feel put together.

3. While organizing, take stock of what you have. Maybe you realize that you’re really lacking in the white t-shirt department, or perhaps you’re really in need of some more high-quality denim. Trust me, you might think you know your wardrobe, but until you take the time to go through it thoroughly and decide what is worth keeping and what you should donate, you probably don’t know it as well as you might think.

4. In this post I go over some dollar store hacks to help get your home organized. In particular, I think you’ll love the closet organization ideas, if you want to stay organized, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

18) Freshen Up

Feeling frazzled and not so great about yourself?

Again, it might seem obvious, but sometimes the best thing you can do when you’re in this state is to take a refreshing shower.

Pamper yourself with a hydrating face mask, take the time to wash your hair, and don’t underestimate the power of a little me time.

(If you’re overwhelmed by hair washing and skin, you can learn how I started washing my hair once a week here, and you can check out my full list of the best skincare products here)

19) Hats Are In

Summer hats, winter hats, it doesn’t matter: hats are in, and they instantly give your look a more elevated edge.

Try a cool fedora in the summer, or go for that wide-brimmed felt hat in the cooler months. Either way, a hat will become your new best friend.

20) Athleisure, Athleisure, Athleirsure

how to wear athleisure

If you’ve been paying attention at all to recent trends in the fashion industry, you’ll know that athleisure is here to stay.

That’s right: you can wear your favorite pair of leggings, mixed with a cool pair of kicks, and a sports bra over a zip-up hoodie, and you’ve got yourself a look that’s perfect for Sunday brunch, running errands, or just lounging around the house.

Inspiration via: Somewhere Lately | Cella Jane 

21) Get your nails done

Feeling like a mess? Get your nails done. I’ve talked about this with my friends, and having nice nails always adds that little pep to your step.

And hey, if you’re short on cash, give yourself an at-home manicure with some of these pretty polishes.

22) Have a blazer on hand

how to style a blazer

While a blazer might seem like something you only wear to the office, it’s also a great thing to have in your wardrobe for those days where you’re wanting to feel chic.

In particular, I love a good blazer paired over a graphic tee for a look that screams cool, relaxed, and casual, while being sophisticated and put together.

Inspiration via: Hello Fashion Blog | Sincerely Jules

23) Get a T-shirt dress

how to wear a tshirt dress

If there’s one piece every woman should have in her wardrobe, it’s a t-shirt dress.

Easy to dress up in the cooler months with a blazer and cute booties, but also to throw on in the summer with sneakers and a baseball cap, this is a piece that will so easily make you feel put together, you’ll wonder why you weren’t wearing one before.

Inspiration via: Kendi Everyday

24) Belt it

You know how I mentioned earlier that a belt is always a good accessory to add to an outfit?

Well, in particular, I can’t say enough good things about belting an oversized piece at the waist.

It’s figure-flattering, easy-to-do, and it gives your outfit an extra layer of dimension, which is always a good thing when trying to look more put together and stylish.

25) Give yourself time to get ready

look put together

A simple one, but something that I often find myself forgetting.


In fact, overestimate how long it will take you to get ready. If it’s usually 30 minutes, give yourself an hour.

There’s nothing that will make you feel more frazzled than a rushed look.

26) Always dress for comfort

And last, but not least, I think the best piece of advice I can give when trying to look more together and fashionable is to dress for comfort.

I’ve said this multiple times now, but when you’re not feeling like your best self, the worst thing you can do is force yourself to wear something that is uncomfortable. This can include tight clothing, but it can also include tops that you generally have to wear a strapless bras with, low cut tops that don’t fit properly or require adjusting, dresses that are too short, skirts that ride up, and footwear that is difficult to walk in.

Trust me, your discomfort will show, it’ll put you in a foul mood, and you simply won’t look put together because you won’t feel put together.

It’s very simple: I always dress with comfort at the forefront of my mind, and then add the style statement makers once I come up with the base outfit. Comfort is key. Always.

Follow these simple fashion tips for feeling more put together and stylish, and I’m certain you’ll be looking and feeling your best in no time.

How do you make yourself look more put together? Do you have any fashion tips that help when you’re in a fashion rut?

If so, let me know in the comments below! I’m always looking for style tips to help me feel more put together.

And, if you found this post helpful, and want to save it for later, feel free to pin this image on Pinterest:

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