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11 Quick and Easy Hair Tutorials For Hot Weather

Trying to beat the heat this summer? Try out these quick and easy hair tutorials for hot days when wearing your hair down feels impossible.

I don’t know about you guys, but as somebody who has relatively long hair, and who enjoys being outdoors in the summer, it’s almost impossible for me to wear my hair down on these hot, hot, hot summer days.

Seriously, hair down on a hot and humid day just feels like I’m wearing a blanket over my shoulders and adding about 10 degrees of heat to my body.

Not cool. Literally.

And so, in order to expand our summer hairstyles outside of the standard top-knot (my go-to when the temperature climbs), today I wanted to provide some summer hair inspiration that’s quick, easy, and doesn’t require you to use any heat tools on your hair.

Sound good?

Let’s dive in and chat all about cute easy summer hairstyles!

How To Avoid Washing Your Hair In The Summer

Quickly, before diving into the hair tutorials, I just want to let you know I have an article on my blog all about how to wash your hair less.

I only wash my hair once (maybe twice) a week, and I absolutely love this for summer because I can avoid having to use a blow dryer, which is never fun on a hot day. It’s also very convenient for when you’re travelling.

If you’re in the same boat and want to use less heat on your hair this summer, feel free to check out the article and learn how to wash your hair less this summer, while still keeping your hair looking its best.

Hairstyles For Hot Humid Weather

1. Bubble Ponytail

More interesting than your standard ponytail, the bubble ponytail is cute, easy, and doesn’t require a whole lot of time (at all).

Just make sure you have strong, clear elastic bands¬†on hand so the “bubbles” are seamless. If you’re using bulky, thick elastic, you probably won’t be as happy with the look.

2. Side Fishtail Braid

When it comes to braiding my hair, I’ll admit, I’ve never been very good.

Having said that, fishtail braiding is about the only braid hairstyle that I’ve been able to master. And, trust me, if I can do it, so can you!

And so, if you’re looking for a braid hairstyle that looks a lot more complicated than it is, I highly recommend trying out a fishtail braid.

p.s. This is actually the exact video I watched when I was learning to fishtail braid.

3. Scrunchie Ponytail/Top Knot

how to wear a scrunchie

Image via Twist Me Pretty

If you haven’t caught on, hair accessories are back in style for 2019.

In particular, anything that has a bit of a ’90s flair to it is all the rage lately.

And so, if you quickly and easily want to give your hairstyle a bit more style, throw in a scrunchie.

It doesn’t require you to do anything else except your regular ponytail (high or low), or you can simply do the always-popular top knot.

Scrunchies can’t fail this summer.


4) Double Dutch Braids

Like I mentioned, braiding my hair isn’t exactly my speciality, but even so, when the temperatures skyrocket, I always go for double dutch braids.

I wore this look all through my Europe trip last summer, and it’s seriously the perfect hairstyle for when you want to skip the heat tools, but you still want your hair out of the way while you’re out and about.

Plus, there’s just something about this look that feels a lot cooler than your average ponytail or top knot. Who’s with me?

5) Twisted Side Bun

You can easily do this look without the twist.

Even just a messy bun on the side will work if you want a more laid-back and relaxed feel.

Regardless, though, this look is so easy, and will have you out the door in seconds.

My only piece of advice: if you’re not using heat tools on your hair, make sure you have some hair oil or hair wax on hand to tame away any flyways, especially if you’re in a humid environment.

(I’m obsessed with the hair oil from Oaui, and this is the best-selling hair wax on Sephora that’s perfect for any of your high pony or up-do styles this summer).

6) Pull Through Braid

Similar to the bubble pony, shown above, this is a slightly more advanced version.

Just keep in mind, in this video, she uses extensions to give the style this amount of thickness. If your hair isn’t as thick, don’t be surprised if the look isn’t as intricate as shown above, but even still, it’s a super fun and easy look to rock this summer.

And oh, you can also try this look in a double style, so similar to the dutch braids, but using the pull through technique, rather than dutch.

The more you practice, the better you’ll get at these more intricate braid styles.

7) Topsy Ponytail

Whenever I read one of these types of posts and all I see is braids, I get a little scared (again, not a braid expert over here).

So to get away from braids for a bit, why not try out the topsy ponytail?

You get the look of a french braid, but really all you’re doing is putting your hair in small ponies and then looping them through. Watch the video and you’ll know what I mean. So easy!

Keep in mind, you don’t have to go all the way down the length of your hair. You can leave the ends of your hair untouched for less of a french braid look.

8) Braid Wrap Pony

Whether it be a high or low ponytail, a side pony, or a bun, you can always leave a piece of hair out, braid it, and then simply wrap it around the elastic.

You can also do this without the braid.

Whatever you choose, this makes the style more interesting than your standard pony, and it’s probably the easiest hairstyle on this whole list!

9) Easy Low Bun

While the top knot is the style most of us go for because of its convenience, the low bun is even easier!

Plus, this low bun uses a simple knot technique to make the style a little more interesting to look at. Give it a try.

10) Dutch Braid Crown

Dutch braids are not something I’ve mastered yet, but if you’re good with braiding, this is a super easy look that keeps all your hair off your neck, which I love on hot days!

You can also try doing this hairstyle with just normals braids.

Simply braid two loose braids, like pigtails, and then pin them with bobby pins onto the opposite side of your head (in the back). It won’t look as intricate as the dutch braids above, but it’s a lot easier, and it keeps your hair out of your way, which is always my number one concern when styling my hair in the summer.

11) Headbands/Hair Scarves

I mentioned earlier how trendy hair accessories are this season, so if you’re really looking for an easy hairstyle, headbands and hair scarves are always a good option.

You can get more complicated with some of the looks from above, but you can also keep it simple by adding a statement making  headband to a basic pony, or you can simply tie your hair with a scarf rather than a standard elastic.

You decide, but with headbands and hair scarves at your disposal this summer, you’ll have a lot easier of a time creating easy hairstyles that work perfectly for hot weather.

So, which of these hairstyles for hot humid weather will you be trying?

Stay cool this summer with one of these easy hair tutorials for hot weather.

Also, if you’re into these quick and easy hair tutorials, feel free to check out my makeup tutorial for fast and easy makeup in the morning. With both these hair tutorials and my simple makeup tips, you’ll be out the door in minutes this summer.

And lastly, if you found this post helpful, and would like to share it or save it for later, feel free to pin this image on Pinterest.



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