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8 Easy Bowl Recipes You Can Make For Dinner Tonight

In need of some quick and easy bowl recipes that you can for dinner tonight?

Oh girl, I’ve got you covered.

In this post, you’ll find 8 of my favourite one-bowl recipes. They’re quick, easy, and most importantly, they’re all tried and true delicious recipes that will satisfy your tastebuds.

Let’s dig in!

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Buddha Bowl Recipes

What is a buddha bowl, you might be wondering? 

A buddha bowl is a bowl recipe that is generally served with quinoa or rice. Generally it is packed with veggies, and is often vegetarian or vegan.

1) Butternut Squash Buddha Bowl

buddha bowl for dinner

Image via Skinny Taste

This buddha bowl has it all: healthy, protein-packed, and super filling.

If you love delicious butternut squash, toasted pecans, and avocado all piled onto a warm bed of rice, this is the one bowl recipe for you! See the easy step-by-step instructions here.

Pro Cooking Tip

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2) Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl

Image via The Minimalist Baker

This buddha bowl might take a little longer to prepare due to the roasted chickpeas, but I couldn’t not include this masterpiece of a bowl recipe. It’s really just that good.

It’s amazingly filling! And it’s actually completely vegan. Highly recommend giving this dinner recipe a try next time you’re struggling with what to make.

Oh, also…

I didn’t plan this, but the Minimalist Baker also happens to be one of my favourite recipe blogs that has an amazing cookbook full of recipes that I guarantee will have your mouth watering. If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with vegan food, but you’re a little nervous that all you’ll be eating is salad and tofu, I promise this cookbook will change your mind.

Rice Bowl Recipes

Really, the only difference between a rice bowl and a buddha bowl is that one of these dinner options includes meat (generally buddha bowls are meatless), and the other isn’t as vegetable packed as a traditional buddha bowl.

I specifically included the second option for those who want something super quick with minimal ingredients required. 

3) Pineapple-Sriracha Chicken Rice Bowl

easy rice bowl for dinner

Image via Spatch The Spatula

I don’t know about you guys, but sriracha always makes a recipe better in my opinion (it’s an absolute staple in my fridge, and goes on everything from avocado toast, to in soups, and even goes on my eggs- yum!)

Also, let’s not forget to mention that this rice bowl is easily customizable: add some avocado, throw in juicy cherry tomatoes, or feel free to add extra pineapple chunks if you’re looking for extra tropical flavour.

Trust me, this rice bowl is a must try if you like bowl recipes that are spicy with a hint of sweetness. Check out the full recipe here.

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4) Rice Bowl with Fried Egg and Avocado

rice bowl with egg

Image via Bon Appetit

If you’re looking for a super quick rice bowl to whip up tonight, I highly recommend this option (I actually plan on making this for dinner tonight because it’s so easy and I’m short on time).

Not only is this recipe quick and easy, it’s also a delicious dinner option that will give you all the protein and healthy fats that you want in your dinner. Try it out with these step-by-step instructions.

Healthy Bowl Recipes

All of of the above bowl recipes are relatively healthy, but if you’re really looking to keep your calorie count low, skip out on the quinoa and rice, and instead load up on all the veggies.

In particular, if you’ve never tried substituting rice for cauliflower rice, this is a great way to turn any of your bowl recipes into something even healthier.

Pro Cooking Tip

To make a cauliflower rice bowl quickly, you can actually buy pre-made cauliflower rice!

I love this because making cauliflower rice can be a bit of a pain. It’s messy and it always takes me longer than I would like, which is why I always recommend stocking up on pre-made cauliflower rice to save you time on prep.

Also check out this best-selling lentil rice for another vegetable based rice that will help you keep dinner healthy, but also fast.

5) Garlic Ginger Kale Bowl

Image via Our Four Forks

To start experimenting with cauliflower rice bowls, this garlic-ginger kale bowl is bound to make your tastebuds happy.

With this one bowl recipe not only will you feel like you’ve made the healthy choice, you’ll also be full and satisfied. See the recipe for this garlic ginger kale bowl here.

6) Cauliflower Rice Burrito Bowl

cauliflower rice burrito bowl

Image via The Minimalist Baker

I couldn’t help myself and had to include another recipe from The Minimalist Baker because I just love all their easy, healthy recipes.

This cauliflower rice burrito bowl is no exception. It’s flavourful, easy, and comes together quickly for the perfect week night meal. You can check out the full recipe here.

And remember, if you want to give vegan recipes a try, I can’t say enough good things about The Minimalist Baker cookbook. With all these recipes requiring 10 ingredients or less, 30 minutes, and one bowl, this truly is one of the best (vegan!) cookbooks that you’re going to find.

Protein Bowl Recipes

Based on my experience with meal planning, when selecting your dinner recipes, it’s always good to seek out ones that are high in protein.

When you have a high protein meal, it keeps you fuller longer, which prevents late night snacking. Give one of these protein bowl recipes a try for a filling dinner.

7) Salmon Quinoa Bowl

salmon quinoa bowl

Image via Self

Super easy to make, this bowl recipe packs 30g of protein in one serving, easily keeping you full for the evening to prevent that pesky late night snacking.

If you love salmon and you’re up for a little quinoa in your diet, try out this salmon quinoa bowl.

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8) Peachy Quinoa Salad With Grilled Chicken

peachy quinoa bowl

Image via Self

Another bowl recipe that packs 30g of protein in one serving, I absolutely love this easy bowl recipe idea for a summer dinner recipe.

Ridiculously easy to make and full of yummy peachy flavour, I’ve got a feeling once you try this recipe, it’s going to become one of your go-to favourites.

Which one of these bowl recipes are you going to test out?

Whether it be a buddha bowl, rice bowl, healthy bowl, or protein packed bowl, all of these bowl recipes are absolutely winners in my book.

Give them a try, and let me know your favourite.

Happy cooking!

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