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A Universal Gratitude List of 100 Things To Be Grateful For

Positivity does not come naturally to me. For the most part, my brain automatically likes to jump to the worse case scenario.

Anyone else do this?

I’m not sure why I’m such a natural worrier, but I do know it definitely impacts my mood, my productivity, and my relationships.

From being stuck in my own head worrying about things I don’t have control over, to not letting myself reach my full potential, there are about a billion reasons for why this negative attitude is such a downer.

And so, today, in order to start this Tuesday off on the right foot, I wanted to make a little universal gratitude list.

Unfortunately I think using words like “gratitude list” has this “woo-woo” connotation, where it seems a bit cheesy and cliche, but when I actually peel back those preconceived notions of what I think making a gratitude list says about me, it seems obvious that sitting down to focus on positive things in my life will have a positive impact on my day. Why would I resist this?

So really, whether you want to call it a gratitude list or not, I think we should all take the time to focus on the POSITIVE things in our lives, so that we can go throughout our day FEELING positive.

So yes, if you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, or you just want to focus on some positive things right now, this universal gratitude list should get you there.

Also, keep in mind, it’s impossible to truly make a “universal” gratitude list, so just know that even if you don’t relate to everything on this list, there are likely things you could add to your own list. Pick and choose what you’re grateful for, and don’t be afraid to spread a little positivity around. It makes everyone feel better.

Today, be grateful for…

1. The warm cup of coffee you started your day with. Me. Right now.

2. Your sore muscles from yesterday’s workout. It’s easy to complain about being sore, but when you stop to think about it, being able to move your body in that way is not something everyone can do. Again, me, right now.

3. Water. Tired? Unfocused? Cranky? There’s usually nothing a little H2O can’t fix.

4. Cell phones. We spend a lot of time talking about how cell phones are ruining people’s ability to connect, and while that might be true, it also keeps people MORE connected, especially with the friends or family who we might not get to see often.

5. Giving someone a gift they weren’t expecting. Don’t you just love seeing their face light up?

6. A good hair day. You know it’s a thing.

7. Your pet. Cat, dog, bunny, hamster, the feeling you get seeing your pet after a long day is irreplaceable.

8. Sleep. Whether you got a good rest last night or not, I think we all know that feeling well-rested is always a welcomed treat to be grateful for.

9. A book that you connect with. I’ve read a lot of crappy books over the years, but there’s nothing better than finding one that you just can’t seem to put down.

10. Blankets. Truth be told, I’m cold and I’m feeling grateful for this blanket I’m currently wearing.

11. A long walk. Trust me, you’ll almost always feel better with just that simple movement.

12. Vacation. Whether you’re travelling across the world, or just an hour away, the ability to see and experience new things should never be taken lightly.

13. Pizza. Because pizza has got to be the most universally liked food, right?

14. A little (or a lot of) Vitamin D. Nothing makes me more grateful for sunshine than experiencing the winter when sunshine is seriously lacking (also makes me realize how important it is to get outside when it’s sunny even if it’s freezing).

15. Different perspectives. One hundred years ago getting different perspectives beyond the people we were exposed to everyday would have been hard. These days you can just flip on a podcast at the click of a button.

16. Making a delicious dinner. It’s easy enough to focus on all the failed recipe attempts, but man, when you find a winner that others enjoy, there’s nothing better.

17. Time with yourself. Be grateful for your relationships, but also be grateful for the relationship you have with your self.

18. Clients, work, jobs. Whether you’re in a job you love or hate, try to be grateful for what it DOES bring you (even if all that is is money so you can live). Also know that if you’re doing something you don’t love, it can be just temporary (if you let it).

19. Connecting with a stranger. That moment where you strike up a conversation with your Starbucks barista, or you make friends with the person on the subway, or even when someone just smiles at you passing by, these moments are the best.

20. A space you love. Whether it’s a room in your house, a coffee shop, or a friend’s house, we all have spaces that we’re drawn to that make us feel great.

21. A cold beer, on a patio, in the summer. Need I say more?

22. Spontaneous adventures. Because they always turn out to be the best days.

23. Lulu Lemon Align Leggings. Try them. You’ll see.

24. A chill, lazy Sunday. It’s the day of rest, after all.

25. Belonging. You know that feeling when you’re surrounded by people who “get” you? Who laugh at your jokes, who understand your insecurities, and who just know you better than you know yourself? That’s worth acknowledging.

26. Laughing until it hurts. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it’s magic.

27. Being outside in nature. No denying it, fresh air does the body good. 

28. Speaking of nature, should we take a second to be grateful for the freaking world we get to live on? Yeah.

28. People who support us. It might not be everyone, but those people who do are definitely worth acknowledging.

29. Creative opportunities. We live in a time where pretty much any creative endeavour we dream of is possible. Self publishing, Youtube channels, Etsy shops, it’s never been easier to start something.

30. CBD oil (and any plant medicine that works for you). It helps millions of people.

31. Medicine. Whatever works for you and your body.

32. Peace and quiet. It’s a chaotic world. Enjoy the in between moments.

33. Staying busy. Quiet is nice, but sometimes staying busy is also ideal. Cherish both.

34. Travel. Whenever you get to do it, don’t take it for granted (mostly a reminder for myself).

35. Social media. We mostly think of this as a negative thing, but think of all the opportunities it brings. And the connections it maintains. Use it for good, and it’ll bring you good.

36. Freedom. Because not everyone has it.

37. Education. Because, again, not everyone has it.

38. A voice. (refer above).

39. Relationships. Family, friends, significant others, it’s easy to focus on the relationships we don’t have, or on the relationships that we wish could be better, but take a second to focus on your POSITIVE relationships and all that they bring you. Feel better? That’s what I thought.

40. Finding a $20 bill you forgot you had. Let’s be real, finding a $1 gets me excited.

41. Long weekends. Anyone else think three days weekends should be standard? Guess they wouldn’t be special then.

42. Staying in and ordering takeout. Because sometimes there’s really nothing better.

43. Movie popcorn. No explanation necessary.

44. A good sunset, a starry night, a perfect rainstorm. Nature is pretty amazing.

45. Swimming in the ocean. Or a pool.

46. When things work themselves out. Thank you.

47. Watching your favorite show. Gilmore Girls, I’m grateful for you.

48. The people who will listen to us vent. Whether we’re trying to decide what bullet journal to buy, freaking out about our fear of flying, or thinking we’re about to faint at the nail salon, there are a couple people out there who will listen to all our wild ideas, thoughts, and fears. And yes, those are all real life situations for me, so thank you to those people.

49. Breakfast. People who intermittent fast are mind boggling to me.

50. Choice. But if intermittent fasting works for you, do you!

51. Clean clothes. Especially if you’ve been letting the laundry pile up…

52. When you say something funny. Admit it, making someone laugh is the BEST.

53. When you say something clever. On that note, be grateful for that brain of yours.

54. Speaking up. It’s not always easy, but be grateful towards yourself for speaking up for yourself, for others, or for something you believe in.

55. A fancy meal. Sure, home cooking is great, and sometimes a simple burger and fries is all you need, but man, when you have a fancy meal, or a meal that you’re sure is the best thing you’ve ever ate… well, it’s almost impossible not to feel grateful.

56. Your possessions. I know, I know, we should be grateful for experiences and not things, but let’s all trying bringing a little KonMari into our lives and thanking our things for doing what they do.

57. Inspiration. It’s all around you.

58. Cheap plane tickets. Not going to explain that one.

59. A happy accident. Whether it’s getting something for free, putting the wrong amount of sugar in a recipe, or ordering the wrong thing at a restaurant, sometimes our mistakes work out for the best.

60. Netflix. All your favorite shows in one place? No complaints here.

61. Apple Music/Spotify. Remember the days of having to go out and buy a CD when you wanted to listen to a song? Yeah, that was once a thing.

62. The perfect outfit. Whether it’s putting a new outfit together, or buying something new that makes you feel great, when you feel good, you look good.

63. Twenty-four hours. It always seems like there’s not enough time in a day, but really, each second that we get to live on this strange place called Earth is worth feeling grateful for.

64. Getting your nails done. Brings me joy, every time.

65. Seeing your favorite sports team play. Can’t say I relate, but if you have a favorite team, I bet you do.

66. Surprising someone. 

67. Someone surprising you. Because it’s a two way street that feels good either way.

68. A stranger paying for your coffee, wanting nothing in return. This has only happened to me once, but once is all it takes to realize how powerful this is.

69. A dishwasher. I wouldn’t want to be without ‘ya.

70. Headbands, hats, dry shampoo. My unwashed hair thanks you.

71. A healthy smoothie. Anyone else feel like a million bucks after downing one of these?

72. People who are willing to help. Whether you have a personal relationship with them, they’re a kind stranger, or it’s an organization that’s supporting you, there are always people available to help.

73. Innovative people. Because yes, I think taking a moment to acknowledge the Elon Musks of the world is worth a moment (or two).

74. Babies. Whether it’s your baby, a friend’s baby, or a family member, I think we all know that some people struggle with starting families. Take a moment to be grateful for the tiny little humans of the world who bring so much joy.

75. Sleeping in. Is there anything better?

76. A hug. I stand corrected, this is better.

77. Showering after a long day of travel. If you know, you know.

78. A shower in general. Because let’s be real.

80. Saving money. Everyone loves a good sale.

81. Cashback. Rakuten, anyone?

82. Food delivery services. Because yup, some weeks they’re just life savers.

83. Sleeping in your own bed after you’ve been away. Especially when…

84. Fresh sheets!

85. Creating something. Whether it’s a piece of writing, music, dance, or an amazing meal, being able to create is a gift.

86. Intuition. Use it.

87. A quiet mind. When your mind shuts off and you feel at peace, there’s no better feeling.

88. Amazon Prime. Because sure, it might sound materialistic, but I can order toothpaste without having to leave my house. Yup, grateful.

89. Glasses. I wouldn’t be able to see without them. Seriously.

90. The couch after a long day. Because sometimes that’s all you need.

91. Laptops. Especially if you work for yourself, a laptop means you can work from anywhere.

92. Wifi. Without it, I would be unemployed.

93. A refreshing nap. When you wake up and don’t feel like a groggy > everything else.

94. Curiosity. 

95. Passion. 

96. Drive. Not everyone has these things. If you do, thank yourself. It keeps life interesting.

97. Flowers. Just because.

98. Friends. For obvious reasons.

99. Family. Again, for obvious reasons.

100. Yourself.

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