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Style Your Mind Podcast Review + AMAZING Takeaways

Today I wanted to sit down and chat with you all about a podcast that I recently came across, The Style Your Mind podcast with Cara Alwill Leyba.

Okay, well, actually, that’s a lie. I didn’t recently come across this podcast. I probably listened for the first time months ago, but it’s only been in this last week or so that I’ve really gotten into it, and oh my goodness, guys, I can NOT stop listening.

Seriously, I’ve probably listened to a solid 15 episodes in this past week alone, and no, I’m not exaggerating.

So why am I loving this podcast so much, and why do I highly recommend listening to it? There are three primary reasons, so let me share:

1) It’s not a silly podcast full of in-actionable, cheesy advice

I know, I know, that’s vague, but honestly, whenever I listen to one of these mindset podcasts, they always make me roll my eyes. Because yes, I’m definitely a little bit of a hater when it comes to mindset work.

Not because I don’t think it’s important, but just because it’s always so damn cheesy, and to me, it all just seems fake, or just a little bit too woowoo for my personal taste.

But with this podcast, I wholeheartedly feel like Cara believes in what she’s saying, and actually really lives what she preaches.

Plus, she’s just funny and real, and not cheesy at all.

Or, when she does say something that seems a little more on the cheesy or woowoo side of the spectrum, she approaches it in a way that doesn’t feel cringe-worthy. And hey, as the queen of avoiding any cheese like the plague, if I don’t cringe when she talks, it must mean it’s really down-to-earth.

You’ve got to experience it to really understand what I’m saying here, but if you’re in the same boat as me and you’re looking for some content on mindset that’s not woowoo or cheesy, I think you’re really going to love The Style Your Mind podcast.

EDIT: Recently I bought one of her books, Girl Code, because I found the podcast so helpful. However, I am not enjoying the book nearly as much as the podcast. In fact, I find the book hella cheesy, and I’m honestly having a hard time getting through it. Just had to throw that in there because it’s always my goal to be as real as possible with you guys.

2) Her advice is actually having an impact on me

I listen to a lot of different podcasts, and try to take advice from a variety of different people, but to be honest, most of the time when I’ve done this, it’s never actually resulted in anything positive.

I’ll try to implement some strategies, or do my best to take the advice seriously, but most of the time, because that advice doesn’t resonate with me, it just rolls off me and has no impact.

Not ideal, and kind of a waste of time, right?

But, with the advice and teachings from this podcast, I actually do find myself implementing her strategies, and even better, I find them having an impact on how I feel and the things that I’m doing in my life.

Some of the advice from Style Your Mind that I’m loving in particular:

1) In order to create impactful content, you have to be creating from a place of high energy.

This is why your mindset is so important. If you’re miserable and you’re not passionate about the work you’re doing, then it’s not going to resonate with people. Get your mindset straight and create from a place of high energy, and your work will speak for itself.

For me, this has simply meant doing more of what I love (a.k.a. writing and connecting with people on a genuine level, instead of just worrying about page views and making money).

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2) Make a high vibe and a low vibe list.

She has mentioned this a couple times now, and I actually implemented it a couple nights ago, and it really impacted the way my day went. It’s crazy how easily we can just go through the motions, not really realizing what things in our lives are draining us, but when we actually sit down to think about it, we can make intentional choices to do less of what is draining us of our energy, and do more of what makes us happy.

For example, I always feel great after writing something personal (i.e. writing that is not for my clients). Whether that be in my journal, for the blog, or on side writing projects, I know that writing for myself gives me so much energy, so lately, I’ve just been trying to do more of that. The result? I have so much more energy and I’m much more excited to create. Do more of what you love, and you’ll quickly see the impact that it can have on your mood.

3) Write down the kind of woman that you want to be.

Normally doing this kind of activity might make me roll my eyes or feel silly, but the way that Cara approaches it, I felt compelled to do it, and honestly, I see the benefit in it.

As some of you may know, I’m not really into the idea of manifesting or the law of attraction, BUT I will say that I think there is something really powerful about visualization.

Taking out all the magic and woowoo of it, I think visualization is important because it gives us a clear path to what we want in our lives. When we can see it, and actually imagine ourselves getting it, we’re much more likely to carve out a path in our lives that will allow us to get there. If we’re not visualizing, it’s kind of like walking down a dirt road and having no idea where it leads, and just taking random turns left and right. On the other hand, when we know the destination, we can take the paths left and right, and feel confident about doing so, knowing exactly where it is we’re going.

I don’t visualize because I think that I’m magically going to be able to manifest these things into my life just because I’m thinking them, I’m visualizing so I can get clear with myself about what I actually want from my life.

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4) Don’t give negative energy your time.

This one is a simple one, but it’s been hugely impactful for me.

Cara often talks about simply not giving negative energy your time, so that when a negative thought or feeling comes up, you simply tell it you don’t have time, and replace it with something that makes you happy.

For example, today is a dreary and rainy day, but instead of telling myself I’m going to be stuck in the house all day, bored, I decided today was the perfect day to clean out my closet and make more room for some exciting new fall fashions. See? Replacing the negative thought with something that is positive and gives me some joy. Easy and impactful.

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5) Up-level your life by treating yourself well.

It’s crazy how obvious this is, and I’ve probably heard this advice before hundreds of times, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t until I heard it on this podcast that I really started to listen.

When we take the time to treat ourselves, we feel better about ourselves.  Plain and simple.

When we feel better about ourselves, we’re much more inclined to be happy and create from the space of high energy.

So today I’m going to take the time to paint my nails, I’m going to give myself enough time to curl my hair, and I’m going to put on an outfit that makes me feel great. These are little things, but really, if you’re not treating yourself with kindness and respect, how can you really expect anyone else to, right?

6) Journal, Journal, Journal

Okay, this is actually something that I’ve been doing for a while now (I’ve got a journal full of my ramblings to prove it), but I promise you, it will make a difference for you.

When you’ve got a billion thoughts running through your head, getting them down onto paper is the easiest way to feel more calm and good about whatever it is that you’re thinking.

It also really gives you the opportunity to think through your thoughts instead of just acting on them.

For example, if somebody did something that really bothered you, writing about it in a journal will give you time to slow down and think about what actually happened in a more logical, and less emotional way. Maybe when you slow your thoughts down, you’ll realize something from a different perspective, or you’ll better understand why it is that you’re feeling that way. And then, from there, you’ll be better prepared to react in a way that you can feel good about, instead of looking back at the moment and realizing you reacted poorly (I’ve been in this position more times than I can count, so I get it, it happens, but journaling about it will very likely help you in having less moments like this).  

And now, back to the last and final reason for why I’m loving the Style Your Mind Podcast

3) She speaks eloquently

Have you ever listened to a podcast, and it’s just someone rambling on, or stumbling over the words?

I know I have, and to be honest with you guys, it kind of drives me nuts.

I know everyone has to start somewhere, and I have no doubts that podcasting would be really hard, but when I listen to a podcast by someone who is able to speak well and form a really great sentence without stumbling all over the place, I’m much more inclined to tune in again.

It’s a small one, but it really does make a difference in how much I want to listen to the show.

Honestly guys, if you’re looking for an easy to listen to podcast that is full of advice that will help you with your mindset, I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. It’s perfect for putting on when you’re making breakfast, or if you want to end your evening by listening to something quick and inspiring, I’d strongly suggest throwing this baby on. 

Trust me, give it a try, and I’ve got a strong suspicion that you’re going to become as much of a fan of The Style Your Mind podcast as I am!

If you have listened before, let me know what you’ve taken away from this podcast, and if you have any other recommendations for down-to-earth podcast about mindset, let me know as well. I’m always looking for great podcasts!

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