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How To Overcome A Creative Roadblock

Ok, I’m pretty certain that anyone who has ever had a blog has probably gone through this: you become totally obsessed with creating content, burnout from overload, and then put your blog on the back burner. Yup, I’m definitely raising my hand high in the air on this one. (this is the first time I’ve posted in nearly two months…)

In fact, this weird anti-blogging phase I’ve been going through has been so bad lately, I’ve strongly considered giving up on blogging altogether.

I just couldn’t seem to get these questions out of my head…

Was my blog really worth my time and effort?

Weren’t there other more important projects that I should be working on?

Did my blog actually serve a purpose, and was it ever going to go anywhere?  

These questions were literally keeping me awake at night, and if you’re a blogger (or really any type of creative trying to build something), chances are you’ve struggled with these questions yourself.

Once those questions start coming to mind, it’s important to sit down and reconnect with your creativity. The longer you hold off doing this, the more likely it is you’ll give up on the project altogether.

Thankfully, I gave myself just enough time to decide that I am not ready to give up on my blog just yet. So today Hustle and Hearts is officially back. I am back. And I’m ready to tackle this blog head on!

If you’ve ever been in this position yourself, where you’re trying to tackle a creative project but need some helping get back on track, here are three things you can do to overcome your creative roadblock:

1) Realign Yourself

Whether it’s a blog or any other creative pursuit, there is likely a very good reason for why you started the project.

Was it because it was a welcomed distraction from your day to day?

Was it to make money?

Was it simply to get some creative energy out?

For most us, the answer is probably some combination of all three, so make a list. Go through that list and then decide whether there is something you could actively be doing to realign with that reason.

For me, this has meant realizing that my freelance writing career has to come before my blog right now. I know travel and savings are big priorities for me, and that means I need a steady income (freelancing is that solution for me).

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At the same time I’ve also realized that creating and sharing are huge parts of my life. They’re what make me feel most happy and fulfilled. And so, to make these things possible, I’ve had to come up with a specific strategy for my blog. All of this will hopefully help in beating blogger overwhelm, ensure I’m spending my time wisely, and keep me focused.

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2) Write It Out

Now, I’m not just saying this because I’m a writer myself. I am saying this because I truly believe putting thoughts and ideas down on paper really helps clarify your goals.

You don’t have to write a novel, by any means, but simply deciding what your goals are, and coming up with an action plan to achieve them is actually such a game changer. Trust me, most of the time you might think you’ve got your thoughts under control, but until you’re able to organize them, it’s probably just a big jumble in your head.

Oh and don’t be afraid to write things out multiple times, multiple ways. The more you refine and get very clear about what you want, the more likely it will be that you get the goals off the paper and make them a reality. 


If you’re a blogger, try this. I wrote out my blog mission and blog target and then taped it out the wall above my desk so I could see it everyday (shown below). I also wrote out a specific strategy that clearly states exactly what blogging activities I’ll be doing each day of the week. This ensures I’m not just completing the tasks I want to do, but also doing the tasks that need to be done. Consistency is key, my friends.

overcome creative roadblock

3) Get Your Shit Together

Yup, I’m going there.

This is definitely a pretty generic piece of advice, but hear me out..

When you’re struggling creatively, it most likely means you’re also struggling in your day to day life.  

Now everyone has different struggles and hardships, and for some of us, getting our life together in a mere afternoon is completely impossible.


There are likely things you could be doing in your life that would improve your circumstances. And maybe those things may seem small, but most of the time those small things make all the difference.

For me, this meant cleaning my room (which also doubles as my office). And I don’t just mean cleaning, I mean going through my closet and every drawer, and doing a total purge session.

I’ve also started getting my workouts done in the morning. This way I don’t put them off. When I’m not actively moving throughout the day, I start to feel lazy. When I feel lazy, my brain doesn’t operate as well as it should.

Lastly, this effort to get my shit together has meant trying to unplug at least one hour before going to bed. No social media. No work. No emails. Sometimes I even try and stay off my phone altogether. Trust me, it helps to calm your mind and get it ready for sleep.

If you ‘wanna get even simpler, try organizing your workspace, drink more water, or go for a walk. When you do the small things, the things that seem insignificant, they really make a big impact on your overall life satisfaction.

And hey, for most of us, when we’re happy in our day to day, it’s a lot easier to overcome that creative roadblock and crush your goals.

Who’s with me on this!?

Let me know in the comments below how you overcome creative roadblocks, whether it be with your blog or some other creative pursuit. I wanna hear from you.

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