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12 No Equipment Work Outs You Can Do At Home

Are you on the hunt for at home workouts that don’t require equipment? If so, it’s totally possible to workout at home, without equipment, while still getting your heart rate up and building muscle. Try out some of my favorite no equipment workouts to target your whole body.

I love working out at home.

I’ve done the whole gym thing, I’ve joined yoga studios, and I’ve gone through phases where I really loved running, but at the end of the day, working out at home is always my go-to when I’m looking to get my sweat on.

If you also love working out at home, or you’re looking for some inspiration to start working out at home, these are some of my favorite home workout videos.

More specifically, this entire list of home workouts require NO equipment! 

No weights. No fancy bands. No special props.

Simply find some space, wherever you are, and get your workout on.

I’ve personally done all of these workouts, and I only included ones I really enjoy and that make me feel great when I’m done (shoutout to one of my good friends for introducing me to all these awesome workouts!).

Find the home workouts that suit you best, and you’ll be well on your way to feeling more fit and healthy in no time.

And oh, if you want some tips on how to workout at home effectively, make sure to read this article on how I workout at home 5 days/week.

No Jumping/Low Impact Home Workouts

1. Heather Robertson Low Impact Workout

I LOVE this low impact workout. It’s a full 30 minutes, and trust me, if you think no jumping means it’s going to be an easy workout, you’re in for a surprise.

This low impact workout is hard, will get your heart rate up, and it’s guaranteed to burn some serious calories.

Plus hey, it’s just a nice bonus that if you live in an apartment, or you’re dealing with a lower body injury, you don’t have to do any jumping to get an effective workout in.

2. PopSugar No Jumping Workout

This is a great workout to throw into the mix when you’re short on time, but you need to get your heart rate pumping (but without the jumping!).

Plus there’s even modifications shown, so that if you’re a beginner, or you’re looking for something a little gentler on your body, this low impact workout will be perfect for you.

Pro Tip:

I find both of the above workouts to be a challenge, but if you’re looking for a workout that will really get you sweating, and will likely be enough for your full day’s workout, I would go with the Heather Robertson. With the PopSugar option, for a full workout, I would add in one of the shorter ab/booty/arms exercises shown below.

Home Workouts For Abs

3. Pamela RF

Okay, so technically this is an ab AND booty workout, so if you’re looking to challenge yourself, I would recommend this video.

It’s challenging, yes, but I also really love the format of her videos.

She doesn’t do any talking, and the timer and bells used to signal a change in the move makes this is an easy-to-follow workout (plus I really like the music!)

Having said that, if you like having a bit more guidance in your workout, or you’re totally new to working out at home, this one might not be for you.

4. Bailey Brown

If you’re more so about the guided workouts, I can’t say enough good things about Bailey Brown’s workouts.

I love her positivity and outlook, and her workouts have the amazing effect of making me feel strong and lean when I’m done.

For lower abs, give this little pilates inspired workout a try.

Note: This is a great one to pair with the PopSugar workout from above. 

Home Workouts for Booty

5. GymRa

I think this is probably the hardest booty workout I have ever done.

I remember doing this and legit thinking my butt wasn’t going to make it through. But hey, if you want results, that’s probably a good feeling to have, right?

For an intense booty workout that will give you results, add this routine into your roundup of home workout videos.

6. Bailey Brown

Sorry to repeat once again, but I just love Bailey Brown workouts so much. They’re seriously my go-to when I need a little motivation to get excited about my workout.

This booty workout is also a really great hip opening workout that will release some major endorphins.

Pro Health Tip:

By no means am I an expert when it comes to fitness and health, but I do love sharing my experiences, and that’s why I just wanted to quickly mention how important it is to pay attention to what you eat when you’re trying to get healthy.

I’ve gone through phases where I workout specifically so I can eat unhealthy foods, which is SO not why anyone should ever workout. Make sure you’re being conscious of what you’re putting into your body, and if you’re looking for some healthy meals and recipe ideas, feel free to give some of these articles a read: 

1) The Best Low Carb Food You Can Get on Amazon (the high-fibre chocolate spread in this post is game-changing)

2) 10 Quick and Easy Meals To Make For Dinner (the avocado and shrimp salad in this post is a serious go-to for me)

3) 7 Healthy Bento Boxes You Can Take To Work (this is actually the most popular post on my blog, so make sure to check it out for some healthy lunch inspiration)

4) 8 Easy Bowl Recipes To Make For Dinner Tonight (can you tell that I’m all about the quick and easy recipes?)

Home Workouts For Arms

7. MADFit

An arm workout without weights? Yes, it’s possible.

Next time you’re wanting to workout your arms, but you don’t have any weights on hand, give this no equipment arm workout a try.

8. Blogilates

You definitely don’t have to be getting married to do this arm workout.

No weights involved, this arm workout from Blogilates will lengthen and strengthen your arm muscles. Guaranteed.

Yoga Home Workouts

9. Cardio Yoga from Boho Beautiful

Anyone who has ever said yoga is easy can try this video…

Not only will this video help with stretching and lengthening your body, but I promise you it will also get your heart rate up. Just don’t be discouraged if some of the more bendy moves challenge you; this is a difficult yoga workout that I have to modify even though I’ve been doing yoga for years.

10. Feel Good Yoga From Yoga With Adriene

Whenever I feel like I need a little pick-me-up in terms of my mood, I always turn on a Yoga With Adriene video.

And honestly, it really doesn’t matter which one. They’re all great, but since this post is focusing a lot around physical strength, I included this challenging flow.

Keep in mind, though, she has a lot of great yoga sequences that are designed for beginners, and that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to get into yoga, but isn’t sure where to start.

Full Body Home Workouts

11. Pamela RF

Like I mentioned above, I really enjoy workouts from this creator.

For me, I’d rather listen to music when I workout than someone “talking me through” a workout.

Plus, again, her workouts are really challenging, but easy to modify if I need to. They also go by really quickly and make me feel great when I’m done.

30 Minute Home Workouts

12. GymRa

Full disclosure here: this workout is a killer.

I have to do some modifications for it, but I feel AMAZING when I’m done.

It’s full body, it’s no equipment, and it’s so good for getting your heart rate up to burn calories, but also to tone your muscles. Love this one (well, love it when it’s done; I hate it when I’m doing it haha).

For more fully body, try the Heather Robinson Low Impact workout mentioned above. It’s also a full 30 minute workout that you can do if you’re short on time, but you want an effective workout.

At the end of the day, when it comes to working out at home, I’ve learned that I have to listen to my body and give it what it wants.

If that means some days I need more gentle yoga and less crazy cardio, I do it.

That’s what I love most about working out at home: I call the shots, and as long as I’m being honest with myself, I can create workouts that are suited for me and feel right for me.

Pick and choose workouts that feel right for you. Don’t be afraid to try new workouts, and don’t feel married to any certain type of workout.

As mentioned, I’m not an expert when it comes to fitness (by any stretch of the imagination), but I think when we listen to ourselves and constantly keep challenging ourselves (in a healthy way), that’s when we feel our best.

Have you tried any of these workouts? Do you have any fitness instructors that you enjoy? I would love to hear in the comments. I’m always looking for new and exciting home workouts to try (especially when they don’t require equipment!).

If you found this post helpful and would like to save these workouts for later, you can use this image to pin on Pinterest.

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