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It Cosmetics CC Cream Review: Is It Worth The Price?


When it comes to picking the best foundation for my skin type, I’ve always been a big fan of natural, light coverage, especially in the summer months. And so, back at the start of 2018, when I was on the hunt for a foundation that would be good for an upcoming vacation to Cuba, I decided to give the It Cosmetics CC Cream a try.

Not only was this CC Cream ideal for a tropical (humid!) vacation, it also became my go-to foundation that I wear all the time.

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Seriously. All the time. I recently tried testing out another foundation, and it just didn’t hold up to my It Cosmetics CC Cream.

And so, today, if any of you are wondering whether the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream is worth spending money on, or if you’re just on the hunt for a good quality foundation/CC Cream, I hope this post can help you make the right choice for you!

To begin, let’s chat about the finish of this CC Cream…

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It Cosmetics CC Cream: What does it look like on the skin?

If I could answer this very simply I would say: flawless.

However, since I’m thinking you’re looking for something a little more descriptive, let me elaborate…

This It Cosmetics CC Cream is light, glowy, natural, effective, and, well… flawless.¬†

It doesn’t look cakey. It never cracks. And it stays in place! (even on those hot, hot, hot summer days)

Essentially, it does exactly what it says it will: it makes your skin look like your skin, but better.

Sometimes I’ll even forget that I’m wearing makeup when I have this on, because it really does just seamlessly blend into my natural skin tone.

Having said all that, the It Cosmetics CC Cream is a bit more high coverage than what you might typically find in a CC Cream.

In general, CC Creams tend to have a more sheer coverage finish. And, while I can still see my freckles through the It Cosmetics CC Cream, if I have a pimple or any other blemish on my face, they become virtually invisible when I’m wearing my CC Cream.

I know that might sound confusing. How can it be both high-coverage, but also sheer at the same time?

Well, that’s kind of the magic of the It Cosmetics CC Cream. It color corrects to the point where your skin looks flawless (no blemish in sight), but it’s not so thick that it looks like you’re wearing 10 pounds of foundation. Pretty sweet, right?

Not to mention, it gives my skin a natural boost in glow. Even on days where I feel dull and tired, if I take the time to put on just a little of the It Cosmetics CC Cream, I almost always feel fresher and more put together.

Here’s a picture of myself where I’m wearing the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream. Keep in mind, I also have a bit of bronzer and highlighter on, but for the most part, the CC Cream is the predominant thing on my face:

it cosmetics your skin but better cc cream

I know it kind of looks like there’s a filter on this, but I promise, there’s not. If you look to the right of my mouth, you can still see a freckle there. Same with on my forehead. In my opinion, coverage doesn’t get much better (or more natural!) than this.

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How to apply the It Cosmetics CC Cream for the best results?

Personally, I keep application very simple by just using my fingers.

I know that might not be a very popular choice amongst makeup enthusiasts, but I’ve never found that using a sponge or a makeup brush makes the coverage any better (I’ve tried).

No matter what I use, it always looks good, and since my fingers are the easiest, I just go with that.

In addition, I only need to use about half a pump of the product when applying, which is great if you’re hoping to make your new CC Cream last (my first bottle lasted almost 7 months, and I wear makeup fairly regularly).

This will, of course, depend on how much coverage you want, but, if you’re like me and you’re just trying to cover up some blemishes or the odd pimple or two, half a pump is usually enough to give you that radiant glow that I’m talking about. (Note: if I’m going out, or have something like a wedding, for example, it’s more like a full pump).

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What shade of The It Cosmetics CC Cream is best?

This is a difficult question to answer since everyone’s skin tones are different.

Personally, I wear the shade light (even in the summer). Naturally, my skin is relatively light, so this isn’t too much of a surprise, but keep in mind, there’s also a shade “fair,” so if you’re someone who easily burns in the sun, you’ll probably be better off with fair.

In general, though, since I’m not able to advise everyone on what shade would be best for them, I would always suggest going with the lighter option, if you’re between shades.

I always tell myself if it’s too light, well, that’s what bronzer is for! Not to mention, It Cosmetics is known for having darker shades than what might typically be considered “light.”

Note: I would normally go for something one above light, and I almost did go with the light-medium when trying to pick my shade, but I’m glad I didn’t because light always work for me, and again, even in the summer when I’m tanned, I stick with light.

Here’s a picture of myself wearing the light shade when I’m tanned/burnt (please ignore the Instagram caption on the pic…).

it cometics cc cream

While my chest is certainly more red than my face, this is still the light shade, and, with some bronzer, I still find that it works for my skin tone. Also, with reference to our discussion from above, notice how you can still see my summer freckles through the makeup. It evens everything out, but it doesn’t look like heavy or thick foundation.

It Cosmetics CC Cream Swatches

If you’re not in the light shade, like myself, and you’re looking for a little guidance on what shade to go with, this video fully swatches all the shades so you can really see the difference in the shades.

Keep in mind, she’s swatching the new matte version of Your Skin But Better CC Cream, so the finish will be a little different than the original (which is what I use), but the shades themselves are the same (video is set to start playing right when she starts swatching):

Hopefully that helps if you’re feeling conflicted about what shade to go with!

Oh, and also keep in mind, if you really like an extra dewy glow, you can get the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream + Illumination. Essentially, with this baby, the formula is the same, there’s just some extra properties in there that really bring the glow.

Also, as mentioned, there’s the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream Matte, which, again, is the same idea as the original, but it’s less dewy and glowy, and more matte in finish. If you have naturally oily skin, this might be a good option for you to try.

And, if you’re not sure, just stick with the original.

What are the benefits of the It Cosmetics CC Cream?

Beyond just delivering a really natural, flawless finish, The It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream actually has some other benefits that make it a no-brainer purchase for me.

Here are some of the big ones:

1) Anti-Aging Benefits

First and foremost, I absolutely love that the It Cosmetics CC Cream has so many anti-aging benefits built right into the formula.

If you know me, then you know I’m all about good skincare, and if I can get those benefits while putting my makeup on, I’m all for it!

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Most notably, you’ll find hyaluronic acid (an absolute must in any anti-aging skincare routine), vitamin C, glycerin, collagen, and antioxidants all in this CC Cream!

I’m not going to go into the benefits of each one of these ingredients, but if you know anything about anti-aging skincare, then you probably already know that you’re looking at the holy grail of anti-aging ingredients.

And yes, you’ll get all of that when you simply apply your makeup in the morning.

Not a bad deal, right?

2) SPF 50

Speaking of anti-aging, if you’re all about being preventive and keeping your skin youthful like I am, then you’ll be stoked to see that the It Cosmetics CC Cream has a SPF 50 in it.

Yup, 50!

If you’re wearing this CC Cream on your face, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll ever get burnt (unless you completely sweat off your makeup, but in my experience, this stay on really well. Just reference the picture from above when my chest is completely burnt, and my face is totally fine. Yup, that’s the result of my It Cosmetics CC Cream).

Also, know that this is an all mineral SPF, which is much gentler on your skin, and it’s UVA and UVB broad spectrum sunscreen, so even if you’re not sure about this CC Cream for everyday use, I highly recommend at least trying it if you have any tropical vacations on the horizon (they offer it in a travel size if you don’t want to commit to a full tube).

3) Brightness/Texture/Hydration

Based off everything that I mentioned from above, you probably won’t be too surprised to know that this CC Cream dominates when it comes to improving your skin’s brightness, texture, and hydration.

In my own experience, this CC Cream has been particularly¬†amazing for improving the texture of my skin. Even when I’m in direct sunlight, my skin looks smooth without any of those pesky bumps that we all dread.

Not to mention, I always use to have an issue with my foundation drying up on me. Even after my skin cleared up after dealing with severe acne, if I didn’t use a damp beauty blender when applying, my foundation would look dry and cakey by mid-afternoon.

Of course it’s possible I wasn’t using a very good moisturizer, but I really do think that The It Cosmetics CC Cream helped with adding hydration back into my skin. As I mentioned, I can apply it with my fingers, and it stays perfectly in place with no gross dead skin piling up. Ick!

And oh, also keep in mind, that while this CC Cream has all these amazing ingredients added to it to give you a flawless finish, it also has things taken out of it to ensure it’s one of the best CC Creams available on the market. More specifically, you won’t find any parabens or phthalates in it!

4) Convenient Pump

Okay, this one might just be me, but I love when foundation comes in a pump. It’s just easier, and I feel like I always get a consistent amount out.

Anyone else notorious for squeezing out a giant amount of foundation when you’re only looking for a little drop?

Happens to me all the time. Or, at least it used to always happen to me until I started purchasing The It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream.

5) Cruelty-Free

And hey, whenever I discover that a makeup brand is cruelty free, I’m even more inclined to keep purchasing their products!

Anyone with me?

Bottom line: Is the It Cosmetics CC Cream worth the price?

To finish off this It Cosmetics CC Cream review, I think if you read the full article, the answer to this question will be fairly obvious, but…

YES! The It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream is absolutely worth the price. 

For me, it’s rare that I buy the same makeup products over and over again since I like experimenting, but with this CC Cream, I think I’ll always have to have it on hand.

For me, I’ve never found something that looks so natural and glowy, while also being easy to apply, with long-lasting, high coverage. In my opinion, this is a CC Cream that really has it all.

If I had to pick one bad thing to say about it, when I was trying to find my shade, I remember having a difficult time, and being really unsure what would look best. But hey, once you find your shade, you should be good to go!

Note: It Cosmetics has recently added more shades to their range to ensure that everyone can find the right shade for them, so really, beyond that, it’s hard for me to find anything wrong with this product. And I truly mean that!

If you’d like to pick up your own It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream, it’s available at Sephora.

If you do, let me know how you like it! If you’re anything like me, I’ve got a feeling you’re going to have a new makeup must-have on your hands.

If you found this post helpful, feel free to share this image with your friends on Pinterest. Thanks so much! xx

it cosmetics cc cream

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