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How To Execute On Your Goals (even when you start to doubt yourself)

Have you ever found yourself reading about how to do something, and then talking yourself out of it simply because the outlined process scared you?

Oh, I’ve been here more times than I care to admit.

In fact, I found myself in this exact position for a good portion of the afternoon, going down a rabbit hole of “research.”

And guess what?

The majority of that time I spent reading about how to do this particular thing was precious time wasted.


Essentially all I did was freak myself out, talk myself out of my idea, and convince myself that I could never actually execute on this idea, because the way that other people have done it is so unlike the way that I would do it…

Well hello, there, lightbulb moment!

This is the exact reason that you should never let other people’s methods convince you not to execute on an idea. Just because you want to do something a different way shouldn’t be the reason you stop. It should be the reason you keep going

If everyone could just pursue their goals with the exact same path as the people before them, all it would take is one person “making it” and then everyone would simply copy the method of that one person.

But really, that’s never the way it goes.

Execution on any big idea is going to be based on your unique talents, your life circumstances, how you work, and who you know. In my opinion, you can’t simply study someone’s else success, and mould it to fit your life. Plain and simple.

Well, except for the fact that it’s really not plain and simple…

I’ve told myself this same story countless times, and yet, I always find myself in this pesky position.

But here’s the silver lining…

I think I’ve finally found a tactic to help get me out of this terrible habit of over-researching and under-doing.  

You have to come up with an action plan.

Well duh, right? Just hear me out.

I’m not talking about some giant action plan that takes up the majority of your day and has you researching how to create an action plan (talk about counter-intuitive). All you have to do is come up with one daily action item that gets you closer to your goal.

So, for example, for me, my ultimate goal in life has always been to write a book. I don’t dream of being a blogger, or gaining a huge social media following. I dream of writing something impactful with my name on it.

And so, rather than chasing pageviews and letting Google/Pinterest dictate what I write, which wasn’t serving my ultimate goal, I decided to start writing from a place of creativity and passion.

Of course, though, if I were to attempt to do this without some sort of action plan or goal, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t stick with it, which is why I created my Daily Blogging Challenge.

Everyday, for 30 days, I’ve committed myself to publishing a new blog post. It doesn’t have to be long, and I don’t even necessarily have to like the post. All I have to do is write the post and put it out into the world.

Because, you see, it’s less about figuring out the exact process of making your goals come true, and it’s much more about executing on them EVERY SINGLE DAY (especially on the days when you don’t want to).

And, who knows, maybe I won’t even make it the full 30 days. Or maybe I don’t write anything worthy of anyone’s attention. In the end, maybe this challenge doesn’t help me at all. I really have no idea.

What I do know is that, right now, in this exact moment, because I had this challenge set in place for myself, I wasn’t able to waste my whole day simply researching and reading about other people’s success.

Because I knew I had to write a blog post today, I was able to get off Google, open up WordPress and start writing.

And that one daily action is what is keeping me focused, calm, dedicated, and confident in my hopes and dreams for the future.

Execute on your goals by picking ONE action item and doing it every single day. Now that really is plain and simple.

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