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It’s a Christmas Miracle! (well…kinda)

Fair warning: when I say this story ends in a Christmas miracle, don’t get your hopes up for a tear jerker. This isn’t that kind of miracle.

Rather, this is the kind of everyday miracle that seemed perfectly timed to show up right when I needed it the most.

So let’s rewind a bit.

To approximately 10 a.m. this morning when my boyfriend and I headed out to grab breakfast.

Our story starts off with a simple eggs Benedict and a coffee with milk. The rain outside had finally subsided, a fully decorated Christmas tree sat in the corner, and easy conversation flowed between the two of us.

It was the perfect way to start off a Sunday.

I continued to enjoy all these warm fuzzy feelings as we set off to do some shopping.

Shopping for the house, shopping for gifts, shopping for Christmas decorations, we didn’t really have anything particular in mind that we were on the hunt for.


I really wanted to find a tree skirt and tree topper for my Christmas tree.

You see, decorating the Christmas tree is probably one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Always has been, always will be.

And so, because I knew we planned on putting up our tree tonight, I was determined to get a nice tree skirt and a topper. I wanted to get the full effect when I decorated my tree. I didn’t want a tree that was a half done.

Of course, though, in typical Andrea style, because I had this predetermined idea of what I needed to get on this shopping trip, when I couldn’t find it, I found myself becoming increasingly more irritable and let down.

All over some silly tree topper?

Yes, I take my Christmas decorating very seriously.

And yet, in hindsight, I know that letting this one small thing impact my whole day was such a mistake.

Like seriously, for every time that I was snappy, or heard myself whining, I should have been appreciating the day and all it was offering me.

I was able to get a couple other decorations, we found the perfect frames to complete a gallery wall we’ve been dreaming up, and even just our timing was so on point.

So what was my problem then? Why was I letting a little tree topper dictate my mood?

Oh, I wish I had a good answer…

Okay, let’s fast-forward a little.

We’re at home now. I’ve decided to drop the whole tree topper dilemma. It’s not worth it, I’m happy with my new decorations, and I know that I can still put up the tree and have it look spectacular.

So I start decorating.

The more I do, the more I feel myself unwinding and simply indulging in the joy that I get from adding a little festive flair to my life.

At this point, I’m so into the decorating that I’ve decided to put up the outdoor lights. I’m on a roll.

It’s not until I’m about to plug the lights in that I realize I need an extension cord. Luckily, my dad has one that’s easy for me to borrow.

And guess what?

While I’m at my parent’s house, getting this very practical extension cord, my mom tells me she has some extra bows that are right in line with my outdoor decorating and the vibe I’m going for.

This might not sound like very exciting news to you, but to me, as soon as she shows me the bows, I quickly realize how perfectly a bow would fit on top of my tree.

I found a tree topper!

Actually no, the tree topper found me.

And you know what: That damn tree topper was bound to show up for me, and yet, I let that one silly thing affect my mood all throughout the day.

Something so small, and something that ended up solving itself.

And so, I use this story as a reminder to all of us about the importance of staying in the moment, letting go of control, and trusting that things will work themselves out.

We don’t always have to be working so hard to bend things to fit a certain mould.

Sometimes we can let them go and see what happens.

Who knows, if it’s anything like my tree topper, you might just end up with a better result than you imagined.

And, with that, it’s now time for this chick to skip off to decorate her Christmas tree, complete gratitude and pure joy fully intact.

Happy holidays, all!

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