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Changing The Narrative on Self Help and Women in Business

If you read either my article on resisting self help, or my honest thoughts on women in business, you probably already know this, but lately, I’ve been very interested in the messaging that I hear from both “self-help” experts and women in business.

For both of them, I tend to find the messaging cheesy, too overly positive, and just not relatable.

And, as someone who is female, who does run a business, and who is interested in constantly improving herself, I’ve started to realize that it’s a little unfortunate that I don’t find too many people out there that I relate to.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are obviously so many female leaders  I respect who are making a killing at what they do, so that’s no shade to them, but it also makes me wonder why the narrative/messaging has to be so similar.

You go girl.

Hustle hard. 


Limiting Beliefs. 

Boss babe. 

If you’re a woman interested in business and/or self help, I guarantee you have heard these words used before.

The question I’ve been asking myself is… why?

Why does the narrative around women improving in life and in business have to be so similar amongst all the “influencers” in this space?

Is it because these women are all onto something? Perhaps they’re just lightyears ahead of me, and they understand what it means to live a happy, successful, and fulfilled life? Maybe they all have the secret, and those are just the words they have to use to get their message across?

But honestly, I call bullshit on that.

In almost everything, there is always a different way to say something.

So then I have to ask myself, well, maybe this overt positivity is just what most woman respond best to.

But again, I’ve got to call bullshit on that, too, because I don’t think I’m that special or unique, and I don’t relate to those messages at all. There’s got to be other ladies out there with me on this.

And so, today’s post is a really simple one. It doesn’t exactly have a takeaway, but more so just something to think about if you’re someone who has some sort of messaging with a brand/business.

Do you notice yourself using words you wouldn’t normally say in real life? Do you really, truly identify with the words that you’re choosing to use in your messaging? Do you find that your messaging sounds very similar to someone else’s? Perhaps you’re even specifically trying to use someone else’s messaging, whether intentionally or not?

Take some time to answer these questions, and brainstorm ideas for how you can make your messaging standout above someone else’s.

Trust me, I get what it’s like to find yourself writing in a way that doesn’t feel like your voice (I’ve done this before), but also trust me when I say this almost always comes across poorly, and really taking the time to figure out what you want to say always works out better for everyone.


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