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10 Secret Starbucks Drinks You Have To Try

Have you heard of secret Starbucks drinks?

If you answered no, oh girl, I’m about to blow you mind.

Today we’re going to be chatting about 10 secret Starbucks drinks that you absolutely must, must, must try. Trust me, they’re worth it

Because sure, we all have that one go-to Starbucks drink we gravitate towards on our morning coffee run. An Americano perhaps? Or maybe you’re more of a latte kind of girl? Whatever the case, if you’re strictly sticking with your favourite, or perhaps you’re only ordering off the menu, well, my friend, you’re doing it all wrong.

With endless combos and variations of drinks, what you see displayed on the Starbucks menu is only a fraction of what your barista can do for you.

And so, next time you’re at your local Starbucks, try asking for one of these “off menu” combos. Just remember, instead of providing the name of the drink, help your barista out and provide the actual components of the drink. Guaranteed he or she will be happy to oblige.

Here are 10 secret Starbucks drinks that will blow your mind:

1) The Cheggnog Latte

secret starbucks drinks

Image via Savoury Sweet Life

Since it is November, and holiday drinks have started making their comeback, I thought I’d start off with this little gem.

Introducing the Cheggnog latte.

A delicious combo off traditional eggnog and warming chai, I’ve got a strong suspicion you’re going to fall head over heels in love with this perfect pairing.

Simply ask for the chai latte, but ask that some eggnog flavouring be put in.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.

2) English Breakfast Tea Latte

secret starbucks drinks

Image via Chatelaine 

Speaking of chai lattes…

Coming out of the fall season, if you’ve had a little too much chai in your life as of late, I highly recommend checking out a tea latte.

In particular, if you’re a fan of English breakfast tea, you’ll probably love this one.

It’s simply a matter of adding some steamed milk to your regular tea order, which is perfect for those of you who want to try something new, but don’t want to venture too far off the menu.

Plus hey, did you know that any tea can be made into a latte? Again, it’s just simply a matter of adding steamed milk.


3) The Cotton Candy Frappuccino

secret starbucks drinks

For those of you with a bit of a sweet tooth, let’s talk about something with a little more sweetness to it, shall we?

Yup, it’s time to get the cotton candy frappuccino into your life.

It’s simple: order a vanilla bean frappuccino, get 1-2 pumps of raspberry syrup added, and say hello to your new favourite pretty pink drink.

4) Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha

Whenever I hear this one, I always automatically want one immediately.

All you have to do is order your typical tall white chocolate mocha, and then ask for 2 pumps of raspberry syrup. Dreams do come true.

(it’s basically like the hot version of the cotton candy frap mentioned above, so if you like that one, chances are you’ll be a fan of this one, too)

5) Vanilla Iced Coffee

secret starbucks drinks

Image via Paleomg

This is the one that I tend to gravitate towards the most in the summer months.

Plus, as a secret Starbucks drink, this really isn’t too obscure, so it’s a great option if you’re not comfortable ordering anything too fancy.

All you’ve got to do is ask your barista for a pump of vanilla syrup and some cream in your regular iced coffee.

You can also ask for this to be made with almond or coconut milk, which is absolutely delicious (I’m partial to the almond milk option. So good). 

6) The Undertow

This little gem seems to be particularly popular, especially for those of you who might need an energy boost in the morning.

For this secret Starbucks drink, order 2-3 pumps of your favourite syrup, with 1-2 oz of half and half, and a single (or double) shot of espresso.

Boom, energy restored.

7) Lava Flow Refresher

secret starbucks drinks

Image via Project Hunt

On hot days, sometimes a refresher is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Take your refresher to the next level with this twist. Just order your basic iced passion tea lemonade, but then add strawberry juice, classic syrup, and orange mango on top.   

You’ll thank me for that later.

8) White Chocolate Cinnamon Chai Latte

Can you tell that I really love myself some chai?

If you’re in the same boat, here’s another twist on your traditional chai latte.

All you have to do is ask for added cinnamon dolce syrup and white mocha syrup into your regular chair latte. Top it all off with some whipped cream, and I’ve got a feeling you’ll be ordering this little combo all throughout the chilly months. 

9) Nutella Frappuccino

starbucks secret drinks

Not going to lie, I love Nutella (maybe a little too much).

‘Cause seriously, if I’m ordering dessert and there’s Nutella on the menu, I’m almost guaranteed to be ordering the Nutella dessert, so really, it isn’t too surprising that the sound of the Nutella frap has me wanting to make a Starbucks run.

If you’re with me on this one, next time you’re at Starbucks, order a basic coffee frap, and then ask for mocha and hazelnut syrup to be added.

Whipped cream required.

10) The Blue Drink

starbucks secret drink

Image via Starbucks Secret Menu

And last, but certainly not least, it’s time to chat about the infamous blue drink.

‘Cause yes, chances are you’ve seen this very Instagrammable drink show up in your IG feed. But what is in it, you might be wondering?

It’s a combo of passion iced tea, soy milk, and vanilla syrup

Give it a try, and you’ll quickly understand why this is such a popular drink.

So, do you have any secret Starbucks drinks that you can’t get enough of?

Let me know in the comments below. I’m all about trying new things at Starbucks!

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