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Women’s Beauty Articles

While fashion is originally what I started with when building up my portfolio, beauty content has quickly become a major passion of mine.

In fact, I would say beauty focused articles are my preferred subject.

Whether it be makeup, skincare, or haircare, I love chatting about how women can improve their beauty routine, especially when it also helps you make more sales!

Below you’ll find a small sampling of some the beauty related articles I’ve written for clients:

Remilia Hair

All about helping women achieve gorgeous, flowing locks, I wrote some articles for Remilia Hair to help them educate their customers about the importance of a hair key routine. You can read both these articles below:

How To Achieve Healthy Hair While Travelling 

Why Hair Care Is Key To Your Beauty Routine


With their best-selling cruelty-free makeup products, I absolutely loved coming up with content for this brand. In particular, I created them two advertorials (a mix between your standard blog post and an advertisement). I was never provided with a link to where the advertorial was placed, but here’s a link that will show off my writing and style:

We All Love Mascara, But Have You Tried This Yet?

Take Action Now. Your Brows Will Thank You Later 

Placewise Media

Leaders in providing digital content for shopping malls, I’ve written 100+ articles for this company, ranging from beauty trends, skincare tips, and “how to” guides. These articles are meant to be short and sweet. Below you’ll find just a few samples:

Must Have Lipstick Shades For Fall 

Top Skincare Trends

Summer 2018 Beauty Trends To Try

As someone who has been creating content for three years now, not all of my clients have active blogs at this time, so below you’ll find links to Google Docs, showing off articles that I created, but that are no longer accessible.

Surprising Facts About Haircare That You’re Probably Missing 

How To Freshen Up Your Beauty Routine For Spring 


I’ve also written articles for independent aestheticians, and never inquired about their website; therefore, I don’t have direct links, but I can still share samples of my writing:

The Top Haircut Trends in 2020 That You Need To Know

All the Holiday Hair Trends You Need To Know This Season 

Surprising Facts About Hair Care That You’re Probably Missing